HOW TO: Get a Glow Without the Shine

HOW TO: Get a Glow Without the Shine
I have always wondered why people would want to “glow” because I just thought it meant oily/shiny and gross. Since getting into skincare I now know what that means, and it’s not excessively oily.
Dullness is a common skincare concern and it is a buildup of dead skin cells and lack of cell turnover. In order to bring your best glowing skin to the surface you have to first remove what’s clogging your pores such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. After your skin is clean and your pores are unclogged, using a product to speed up cell turnover will reveal the fresh and bright layer of skin to give you the glow. Here are some suggestions to achieve your glow!
↠Exfoliate daily with a toner/clarifying lotion. The salicylic acid in these will get rid of dead skin cells.
↠Exfoliating weekly with a scrub. Try using one with tiny exfoliators to mimic a microdermabrasion.
↠Use a peel once a week or once every other week. The types of peels vary and you can even get one suitable for daily use, these will help turnover your skin cells and remove dead skin.
↠Use a serum or moisturizer that will speed up cell turnover like Clinique’s Turnaround serum (or any product from the Turnaround line). This line has multiple types of moisturizers (oils, water lotion, daytime, and nighttime moisturizers) you’ll be sure to find something right for your skin. Other than this line by Clinique, products with retinol will do the same thing.
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