How To Get Straight Hair That’s Not Flat


Long, straight hair has been my go-to for many years. Through the years I’ve used a bazillion products, found out what works, and tossed the rest. As simple as straight hair seems, there are some important steps in perfecting the look. You will most likely need to use more than just your flat iron and it starts with washing.
Maintaining volume is a common struggle when it comes to sleek hair but don’t worry, I have tips for that!


Start with a volumizing shampoo then use a smoothing conditioner. These don’t have to be $20 bottles either, Tresemmé and Loreal are great drugstore brands. If you prefer salon brands I recommend using AG Thikk Wash & Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line


Towel dry hair, then apply a heat protectant. I have been using the Nexxus Pro-Mend and love it because it leaves my hair really soft without being heavy or sticky.


Let hair air dry about halfway then use a round brush to blow dry your hair completely. *TIP If you want even more volume, use a root volume spray before drying.


Section your hair in 4-5 parts. You don’t want to use the flat iron on too thick of sections because it won’t get as straight. Spray dry shampoo to each section before straightening. This has changed my straight hair game! It leaves my hair texturized and volumized. After I’m done straightening, I rub it into my scalp and it really volumizes. You can find my favorite here. Batiste is a drugstore brand that also works really well.



Apply serum from the midshaft down through the ends of your hair. The Loreal serum spray is genius, in my opinion, it sprays on light and evenly.  You can also just use a regular serum.


Spray a little hairspray on your comb and smooth down fly-aways. The Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco hairspray is amazing. I use  it after straightening but also love it for when I curl my hair. It smells awesome and leaves my hair soft with a light hold.


  • I use a Chi straightener and have loved it for about 7-8 years now, it has lasted forever.
  • Use a ceramic and/or tourmaline dryer and don’t forget heat protectant, you can find my favorite blow dryer here.
  • On the bottom half of my hair, I only straighten from the midshaft down. This helps with volume but only works if you already have semi-straight hair (if you have super curly hair you can’t get away with only straightening part of it).
  • If you want even more volume, use Kenra’s Dry Thickening spray, it really does thicken your hair.
  • Make sure you’re getting trims every 6 (ish) weeks so your hair looks fresh on the ends.

What’s your favorite smoothing and heat protecting products? I’d love to hear from you!

Xx, T

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