How To Keep Your Feet Soft All Winter

Hi, friends! I hope your year is going well! It’s right around this time that I get really tired of winter. We have a trip to Florida planned for next month and I am counting down the days. I hate not being able to go outside and get fresh air without freezing, and I hate all the dry skin. I don’t know about you but in my late 20’s now I cannot just wash in the shower and use lotion occasionally without my feet getting super dry and cracked. Here’s my routine for keeping them soft and hydrated all dry winter long.

How To Keep Your Feet Soft All Winter


This doesn’t have to be a specific pumice stone/tool but I do recommend getting something of a natural material. I will link everything below too but this is the one I use and love. The key is using it every single day though to keep up on it. If you get way behind and have a lot of dead skin to get rid of then use this tool, I just don’t like using it unless I have to.

Foot Butter

I have found the best foot butter guys, it’s the Shea Terra Restoration Foot Butter. It is the thickest product I’ve ever used and it works. Every night, I put it on right before bed and cover with socks so it really soaks in. The key to this one is also to use it consistently. You can never use something once to know if it’s going to work or not. I love it because it’s natural and clean so I don’t have to worry about toxins. Some of the ingredients are shea butter, tea tree oil, and African gold butter (in the pictures it’s the yellow-ish one above).

That’s is guy, it’s super easy but the important thing is being consistent. I went from scratchy dry heels that got snagged on my fuzzy socks, lol, to soft and hydrated in the matter of a week.

Shop Shea Terra right here

I also love their lip savior made with rose hips, shea butter, and beeswax. And their whipped body cream, I have the S. African Lavender scent and it’s amazing.

What do you do to keep soft feet when it’s cold and dry out?

Thanks for reading!

x, T

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  1. Yes! Especially to exfoliating. We tend to underestimate it’s power. But it’s so important.

    Xx, Nailil

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