How To Layer Your Skincare Products

How To Layer Your Skincare Products

Thanks to Skin Resource.MD for collaborating with me on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

How To Layer Your Skincare Products

How To Layer Your Skincare Products


Hey, beauty! Today I’m talking about the order you should apply your skincare. This is a pretty basic post and many people already do this but it’s important especially if you’re thinking about adding something to your routine like a serum or a toner.

You guys know skincare is something that I’m passionate about. I am a skincare routine believer and honestly, my skin is my testimony. I take pride in taking care of my skin and it’s my favorite part of my beauty routine. Skincare trumps good makeup every time because your makeup isn’t going to look it’s best if your skin doesn’t. I hope you find this post & video helpful, let me know if you have any questions!

How To Layer Your Skincare Products

  • cleanser
  • exfoliator
  • toner
  • serum
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • SPF

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