How to Prevent Dry Lips

how to prevent dry lips

As soon as the weather changes I usually get a sore throat along with a side of chapped lips. There is nothing I hate more than dry and chapped lips! If you have dry lips your lipstick doesn’t look good, without lipstick, your makeup won’t look complete, and your day is ruined. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but no one likes chapped lips, so today I’m sharing some tips on how to prevent dry lips.


Staying hydrated plays a large part in keeping your lips moisturized. I have no clue where I got this but I have been drinking the same amount of ounces as my body weight divided by 2. So for example, if you weight 100 pounds, you should drink 50oz of water per day. I can definitely tell if I haven’t had enough water, I feel sluggish and get a headache & dry lips!


Use a simple sugar scrub every day or every other day. This will help remove the dead skin from your lips and the oil the in the scrub will help moisturize. I use coconut oil mixed with sugar, you can add some essential oils too (I like peppermint in the winter). Sugar and honey also make a great scrub. You can also buy a lip scrub like this Bubble Gum Lip Scrub by LUSH.


This one I cannot stress enough. Literally, before and after everything you do, apply some a lip moisturizer! Before going to bed at night, when you wake up, before you go outside, when you come inside, etc. Keep a chapstick or lip balm in every coat pocket, every bag, and in every car. I also keep lip balm at my desk, in the kitchen, all the bathrooms, and on my nightstand. My favorite one to put on before bed is the Malin + Goetz mojito lippie, I can literally still feel it on after I wake up, it’s so long lasting.

Oils & Natural Products

Try using an oil instead of a regular tube of chapstick. My all time favorite oils are from Argan Republic, you can shop their website here. I like the rose oil and the regular argan oil, I wrote a review on Argan Republic here! Chapstick has a new 100% natural lip butter that I’ve been loving, they’re so smooth, you can shop those here.


This is a topic you’ll hear me talk about a lot. Use a lip product with SPF before stepping outside, this is important in every season, not just summer. My favorite is the Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm. If you’re an EOS fan their lemon scent is SPF 15.

**EXTRA TIP use your eye cream on your lips for super hydration and added benefits from the cream.

I am obsessed with chapstick, lip balms, oils, etc. Share your favorites in the comments so I can go pick out some new ones! Thank you so much for reading today.

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Xx, T

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