how to rock the half bun

How To Rock The Half Bun

how to rock the half bun

Hello, hello! I thought I’d keep the hair trend going on the blog this week so today we’re all about half buns on B&B. I know people have mixed feelings on the topic but I think it’s a super cute and simple way to style your hair. I’m going to show you how to rock the half bun without looking crazy, It’s easy I promise. I’d love if you shared your favorite simple hairstyles in the comments after you read so we can try them!


Pull up half of your hair, I like to go just above my ear.

Tie it in a ponytail with an elastic. I like using little clear elastics like these, you can experiment with different ones for your hair type.

If your hair is long you can twist it into a bun and pin or tie it in a knot and pin. I like to tie mine in a knot and then just pin the ends, it looks like a messy knot bun.

If you have short hair just twist what you can into a bun and pin the rest.

Pull and fluff around to your liking if you want a bigger messy bun (don’t go too big though). Or keep it sleek and spray it with some hair spray to hold it in place.


Keep the bun lower, aim for around the crown of your head.

If you have thin hair tease it first to get more volume.

Use Kenra’s Dry Thickening Spray for even more texture and volume.

If you have long hair braid it before twisting it into a bun.


What are your thoughts on the half bun? It’s perfect for a cute casual look. I like it when I’m in a hurry because I can just let my hair air dry and then throw it in a half bun. I do like the sleek half bun too, you can achieve this by straightening your hair and creating more of a tight twisted bun.

Do you rock the half bun? If so what are your steps to achieving it?


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Thanks for reading today!

Xx, T

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