How To Sleep Better | 6 Sleep Tips

Thanks to Nectar for collaborating with me on this post. ALL opinions are my own. This advice is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Talk to your physician before taking any supplements.

How To Sleep Better | 6 Sleep Tips

Comfy Bed

For our first few years of marriage, we went through 2 hand-me-down mattresses. We didn’t realize how bad it really was and I thought waking up to a sore back and hips was just getting older. We got our Nectar mattress about a month ago and I literally have nothing bad to say about it. It was super easy to open up and set up, we even did it with 2 kids and a puppy “helping”. From the first night sleeping on it, I noticed a huge difference in how well I slept and how I felt waking up in the morning. I no longer feel like I got hit by a train when I wake up, the mattress is supportive yet super soft and comfy. I’m impressed that Chris and I both love it because that rarely happens because I like soft and he likes firm usually. Lastly, what we have both noticed is that once were snuggled into bed we don’t move, I used to flip over and over all night but when I wake up I don’t remember moving at all. I can honestly say Nectar has helped us sleep so much better and I’m so thankful.

Essential Oils

Some of my faves for sleepytime are lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, and valor. I diffuse them in my bedroom, and apply them topically.

Magnesium Spray

Okay, this has been a game-changer. I spray this all over my legs and jump into bed. As Magnesium activates the GABA receptors in your brain, your mind and body become better able to slow down so you can sleep better. (source)


I have been taking CBD regularly for a few months now and it has helped my sleep, mental clarity, and anxiety. This is just how it has helped me, you can read more about CBD here.

Sleep Supplement

There are a lot of sleep aid supplements that are natural and safe to use. Here are a couple:


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Relax Your Mind

Do everything you can to wind down the hour before you go to sleep. Stop working, turn off your phone, and relax as much as possible.

I hope you liked this post! I have been sleeping like a rock lately and I hope these tips help you too!

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