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Let’s go to the zoo! John Ball Zoo 2020

Thanks to John Ball Zoo for collaborating with me on this post, all opinions are always my own.

Who else plans a few trips a year to the zoo? We have a zoo about 20 min away from our house so we love going when we can. With everything going on it’s a great day trip and something fun to do while still social distancing. The girls love it more each year as they get older and the animals never get old to me either, it’s so fun to see them up close. What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?

Let’s go to the zoo! John Ball Zoo 2020

Why We Love John Ball Zoo

  • Location // super close to us and Grand Rapids is a great place to visit anyway!
  • Parking // easy to park, 2 lots and not too far to walk if you have to use the larger lot
  • Cost // the price for the day is only $8-$13 depending on age which for a day trip is great
  • Customer Service // when you walk in there is a customer service counter to help you in any way
  • Shade/Sun // we are big on shade and not being in the direct sun for long periods of time so I’m glad they have areas of shade.
  • Resting Areas // there are also tons of areas where you can rest on a bench (super convenient for nursing moms too)
  • Lots of Animals // we saw so many awesome animals from tigers to bears, our favorite animal again this year was the tiger because we got to see him super close drinking some water and taking a cool down bath in the little pond
  • Food/Snacks/Drinks // there are multiple places to grab a drink or snack (we especially love the ice cream)
  • Face Painting // since COVID is still happening the face painting was “hand-painting” but still fun
  • Aquarium // they have an aquarium with penguins, lots of fish and other water creatures
  • Beer // because #momlife and also we’re in #beercity
  • Petting Zoo // there are lots of areas where the kids can interact with the animals like goats and chickens
  • Gemstones // you can go panning for stones, this was actually really fun and Emery and Zara both play with the rocks we got all the time
  • Camel Rides // you can get a ride on a camel!
  • Picnic Areas // there are areas outside where you can set up a picnic to have lunch/dinner
  • Gift Shop // what kid doesn’t love the gift shop?

Visit John Ball Zoo online at https://www.jbzoo.org

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