Luminess Air: Airbrush Essentials

Luminess Air: Airbrush Essentials
I have teamed up with Luminess Air again to share the Luminess Air: Airbrush Essentials. If you aren’t familiar with Luminess you can read all about them here, they are an airbrush makeup brand with super easy to use airbrush kits, foundations, primers, blushers, bronzers, and more.
The essentials kit has three of their product must-haves: porcelain, x-out, and instant eraser.
Porcelain is a translucent skin perfecter, it’s super hydrating and it left my skin smooth and ready for foundation. I will also wear this by itself to hydrate and perfect my skin on days I don’t wear makeup, this is a must have.
X-out is a full coverage concealer for under eyes, dark spots, or just anywhere you want to conceal. I have the shade medium which was a little too dark for my skin tone to use under my eyes but the coverage was awesome and it lasts my whole day.
Instant Eraser is an awesomeeeee primer. It is super lightweight and perfects skin with a tiny bit of a tint. What I love most about this is that is has a sheer glow which brightens dull skin. This is one that can also be used just by itself, it looks so pretty on its own.
I have been using and loving Luminess products for a long time now, my original review is here, where I give a full review on the air brush system itself. I also just want to stress how easy the system is to use because I know when I first thought of airbrushing it sounded like professional stuff and hard to use but it’s totally not. Shop Luminess here and use code: 389734333 for 20% OFF!
Have you ever tried airbrush makeup? What brands? I’d love if you shared in the comments!

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