Luminess Mystic Foundation


luminess mystic foundation



I have been using and loving Luminess for awhile now and I’m really excited to share their new Luminess Mystic Foundation. Luminous is an airbrush makeup brand (but they also have some non-air brush products that I will be sharing very soon). If airbrush makeup scares you, don’t let it, Luminess is so easy to use. You can shop all their products here.


The best products are the ones that multitask. With Mystic you have your primer, foundation, concealer and corrector (this saves so much time). What I love most about it is that it feels natural while providing the coverage you need because it’s so pigmented. With all Luminess products you want to start out light and build up the coverage.  All you have to do to apply is add 5-7 drops into the stylus, and spray on! There is literally no mess and no clean up which means no cleaning makeup brushes! The foundation comes out of the stylus in a micro-fine mist and beautifies your skin.


If you’re looking for a full coverage foundation that doesn’t feel heavy you need to try this!

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Have you tried Luminess or have any questions about the Luminess Mystic foundation? Let me know in the comments or in the contact tab above!




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