Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know

mascara tips every girl should know

If I could only choose one thing out of my makeup bag to use, I would pick mascara. Longer lashes change a person’s whole look. A lot of people say liner is what really makes a difference for them, but I’m a mascara junkie.  Along my mascara obsessed journey, I have collected some helpful tips and tricks and I can’t wait to share!



Always curl first to get the most dramatic look. I like to curl first at the base of the lash and then again about half way up. I hold for about 15-20 each time. You can also heat up your lash curler with your hair dryer for a couple of seconds to get an intense curl.


Apply a lash primer from base to tip to condition, prime, and volumize.

Bottom First

Do your bottom lashes first and you won’t get those annoying smudges on your lids from trying to look down.


I have found that lengthening mascara with smaller wands grab all of the small lashes better. Also use a small lengthening mascara for your bottom lashes. Some brands have even come out with a bottom lash mascara, like this one.


If you’re a double dipper like me, then use a volumizing mascara after your lengthening one to wiggle through the tip of the lash. You can also apply baby powder in between coats to really thicken lashes.


Only use a waterproof mascara when you need to, and opt for a waterproofing topcoat. Waterproof mascara is just really hard to remove and that can be hard on your lids and lashes. If you do use a waterproof mascara layer it on top of a regular mascara for easier removal.


Use a lash comb to remove any clumps. You can also use an old wand for this; save a wand from an old mascara and wash it thoroughly.


At the end of the day always use a makeup remover (in my house aka coconut oil) and be extra gentle around your eye area.


Completely clean/wipe down your mascara wand every 4-5 times using it to prevent clumping. I find if I don’t do this the mascara just builds and builds on the wand, no bueno.

Save Some Money

Revive mascara with a few drops of saline solution. This will save you some money in the long run but don’t do it more than once or twice and you should never use a mascara longer than what it says on the tube which is generally 3 months.


If you have sensitive eyes try an ophthalmologist tested formula like Almay or Clinique.


mascara tips every girl should know


What are your favorite mascara tips and tricks?


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 Corinthians 16:34


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