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 michael todd skincare
Hellooo! Today I’m sharing a new sonic love of mine, the Michael Todd Skincare: Soniclear Petite Cleansing Brush System. 

Soniclear Petite Cleansing Brush System

The system comes with the sonic brush, brush head, brush head cover, charger, charger stand/cradle, travel case, and info packet. I love the travel case because it completely encloses the brush so the power button won’t get pressed when traveling.

Why Sonic

It is a sonic brush which means it doesn’t spin and tug at your skin. The sonic aspect of the brush is perfect for a gentle deep cleansing and I use it once a day or every other day. The website states that sonic brushes clean your skin 10x better than regular cleansing with your hands. I love the super clean feeling and I feel good about exfoliating and cleansing the day away.


The shape of the brush head is easy for reaching all areas of the face and my favorite part is that it only has to be replaced every 6 months because of the antimicrobial bristles (with most other sonic brushes you have to replace your brush head every month or every 3 months which can get really expensive). The bristles are soft and I just move the brush in small circles around my face, you don’t have to apply pressure, the sonic does the work!

There are 3 speeds and timer of 20 seconds to let you know to move to a different area of your face. You change the speed by the buttons on the brush. The charge lasts 1 hour, so you don’t have to charge it very often. The charger just attaches to the brush by a magnet and has a cradle to sit the brush in while charging. I also use the cradle to sit the brush in while it’s on my counter which is nice instead of just throwing it in a drawer.

The last thing that I love is that it’s waterproof and submersible so it can be used in the shower or bath without worries. Most of the time I leave it in the shower to remind me to use it (#momprobs).


I ALSO got the opportunity to try the Michael Todd Skincare: Damascus Rose milk cleanser. If you read my blog regularly you know about my rose skincare obsession, this cleanser is no exception. First of all, I am obsessed with the smell, but also how well milk cleansers make my skin feel. I also love how it foams with the brush. My skin is left soft and refreshed after using it because of the nut butter, replenishing oils, and aloe vera.
Are you using a sonic cleansing brush system? Which one?


Xx, T

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