Mishap Monday: Coconut Oil

Mishap Monday: Coconut Oil

Hello hello! How was your weekend?, we got to see a lot of family and friends so ours was really fun!

I also started playing around with filming and editing some videos for you guys, which is super exciting! I want to connect on more of a personal level so I think videos will be perfect for that. Let me know what you think! Do you love youtube videos? If so, what are your favorite kind of vids?

Are you using coconut oil?

The mistake I made was not incorporating coconut oil into my beauty routines. There are SO many things you can use it for, you’d be silly not to have a couple of jars around your home. Coconut oil is found in the grocery/baking aisle of the grocery store and it comes in a few different types. The main difference you will see is that there is refined and unrefined, I prefer unrefined because I love the smell of coconut oil. If you don’t love it like I do, then just grab a jar of the refined which is tasteless and scentless.

My Favs

My favorite things to use it for are removing my makeup, and moisturizing mine and Emery’s (our 4 month old) skin.

I used it recently for cradle cap (dry, flaky scalp on a newborn). I put the oil on her scalp, let it soak in for about 10 min, then just used a fine tooth comb to remove the dry skin. It worked like charm and that is the tip of the iceberg with this stuff. When in doubt use coconut oil.

I also wanted to note that I also use coconut oil on our other baby, Duncan (our kitty). I put coconut oil on his paws in the winter to moisturize them, and it also helps with hairballs. The reason I point this out is to illustrate the oils wide range of effectiveness and that you can’t make any mistakes with it. You can literally put it on everything!


There are too many benefits to go through everything so I created a little infographic on all of the best uses. This downloadable infographic puts all the uses in one easy-to-read spot. You can download the Coconut Oil Uses freebie by signing up for our newsletter. There are a few places to sign up on the blog, so make sure you do!

So if you aren’t using coconut oil yet, make sure you download the freebie to see all of the awesome ways to use it and go grab a jar (or 3)! You can also read a comparison on coconut oil and an eye makeup remover/melt here.


Xx, T

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