Mishap Monday: Foundation Primer

Mishap Monday: Foundation Primer


Mishap: Not using a foundation primer.

Hello and happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend, you can always follow us around on snapchat (username: toreynoora) to see what we do on weekends! We always try to do something around water, in the summertime at a least.

Okay so today’s mishap is obviously not using primer, like I stated above.

2 Reasons I Never Used Primer

  1. I always used a “good” foundation so I never thought I needed a primer. This was so not true, just because you have a nice quality foundation doesn’t mean you should skin priming!
  2. Another reason I didn’t think I needed a primer was because I always moisturize before I do my makeup. This is also not true, while moisturizer will plump and moisturize your face, it doesn’t prime skin for foundation.

All About Primer

Foundation primers are normally in a tube and a lot of them are silicone-based which glide on like a dream and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. A primer will help create a smooth canvas for your face makeup and also help it stay in place longer than using foundation alone. I also love that there is a primer for every skin type, I will share my favorites below.

Now What

[ctt template=”7″ link=”DbU8B” via=”no” ]Skincare is always first priority.[/ctt] So first find a cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type and make sure to take care of your skin every morning and every night (if you aren’t already).

Then, find a primer for your skin type whether is be oily, dry, red/sensitive, etc.

Before applying makeup, cleanse and moisturize your skin (or whatever your skincare routine may be). Prime your face about 10-20 minutes after moisturizing so your skincare has time to absorb and work its magic. Your skin will be then be soft, supple, smoothed out, and ready for the fun stuff! Then you are ready to apply foundation, and the rest of your makeup.

& Shop!

As I mentioned before, there is a primer for every skin type/skin concern. Here are my favorites for each. Click below to shop.

What’s your favorite foundation primer?


Xx, T

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