Mishap Monday: Styling Tools

Mishap Monday: Styling Tools


Mishap: Using my hot tools at the highest heat setting

Before learning what settings actually meant on a straightener or curling iron I just plugged it in cranked it up and started using it. This is the most damaging thing you can do to your hair. Styling tools and blow dryers are bad for your healthy locks.


There are settings for a reason, most of the time this is on the box or instructions so you know. The settings are based on your hair type. Hair type examples are fine, medium, thick, coarse, curly, etc. Here is an article on hair type and temperature. A general rule of thumb for normal hair is to stay under 400° if you have fine or color treated hair stay closer to 350°.


In addition to setting your tool to the proper option, you should be using a heat protection. Heat protection is a hair product that you apply before your hair dries most of the time. Sometimes there are sprays that you can apply to dry hair just before you use a heat tool. I like the products like It’s a 10 that do more than just protect your hair like strengthening and conditioning.


  • Try not to blow dry your hair as much
  • Do a “no blow dry week” every month
  • Try to do a “no heat tools week” every month
  • Dry your hair once it is already been towel and air dried a bit
  • Always use a heat protection product
  • Set your tools to the proper setting for your hair type
  • Look up no heat styles to try
  • Opt for a braid instead of curling or straightening

My Favs

Here are some of my favorite hot tools, ones that reduce the amount of damage to your hair.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Dryer

Tourmaline generates positive and negative ions to repair hair, ionic means faster dry time which means you’ll be drying less= less damage. I have this one and have loved it since the first time I used it.

T3 Single Pass Straightener

This is also tourmaline and ionic. It also has new technology for keeping the temperature consistent. Not to mention it’s a beautiful straightener.

NuMe Octowand

This wand has so many options! You can use a different barrel every day of the week. I like the LCD display for settings and that is’s tourmaline infused.


What are your favorite styling tools? Share your tips in the comments!

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