Mishap Monday: Lip Liners

Mishap Monday: Lip Liners

Mishap: Not using lip liner.

Before I started using lip liners I definitely thought they were not for me. That’s because I never understood why people used them. I thought they were just for creating a dramatic dark ring look around your lips.

Using a lip liner will

  • enhance the color of your lipstick
  • help the color stay on your lips longer
  • help the color from bleeding or feathering outside the lines of your lips
  • define your lips
  • highlight your lips


Lip liners, simplified!



The first thing you want to do is prime your lips. Use a scrub like this one or make your own with coconut oil and sugar. You don’t want your liner to look crackly and wrinkly.


Start with an x over your cupid’s bow, then follow the line of your natural lip to line the rest of your lips. If you choose to over-line to achieve the Kylie Jenner look, don’t over do it, it just looks silly.


Then you can fill in your whole lip or just create little hash marks throughout. Doing this will really help the lipstick stay on your lips. It also enhances the color of your lipstick.


Now you are ready to apply your lipstick. I like using the same shade as my liner (or really close).


Then you can go around the edges with a skin color liner like this one by NYX to clean up your lines. Using that NYX liner also helps stop dark colors from bleeding or feathering. This pencil will also define and highlight your lips, apply it above the cupid’s bow and around the corners of your mouth.


My favorite liners are the one by NYX because they work so well and are so affordable! By working “so well” I mean they glide on without tugging at your lips and are long lasting. You can shop them here!

What are your favorite liners? Thanks so much for reading today.





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