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Momma’s Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions

Thanks to Momma’s Home for collaborating with me on today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions Momma's Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions

Hey hey, happy Friday! I’m really excited to share today’s new clean brand because it’s a local brand! Momma’s Home is an all natural skincare brand with tons of different oily blends and skin care products! I was lucky enough to try almost every product they have and they did not disappoint! Keep reading to see which ones were my favorite.

Momma’s Home All Natural Skin Care | Friday Introductions

About Momma’s Home

Momma’s Home is a local family owned Michigan brand. Momma saw the need for products that were safe especially for sensitive skin. She has a chemistry degree and with that created her skincare line. Their ingredients are chosen with purpose and the products are made to be food for your skin (btw this is how every skincare brand should operate). You can check our their ingredient list right here.

Product Lineup

I love how all of these products just take the guesswork out of what you should be using. They’re products you can use on the whole family and not have to worry about yucky ingredients or toxins/chemicals.

+ Soaps

I thought it was really interesting how they make their soaps you can read about it right here.

I love the Cinnamon Shaving Bar! It exfoliates your skin, unclogs pores, and helps you get the smoothest shave! You have to try it for yourself.

I also tried the You’re Never Too Old Breakout Bar, it has thoughtfully chosen oils to cleanse and treat your skin.

+ Serums

They have a serum for everything! We tried the hair serum, face serums, and body serums. All of them were lovely. My favorite was the Rose Neroli face serum, it smells amazing and I love the skin benefits of rose in skincare. It also has Sea Buckthorn Oil which I’m starting to really get into and I’ll share more about in a couple of weeks. I also loved the Red Mandarin/Blood Orange face serum they mixed up for me in one of the Scent-Your-Way serums. I highly recommend!

+ Masks

They have a lot of masking options. I tried the Milk Chocolate Mask, it’s made with Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Cocoa Powder, Goat’s Milk, Baking Soda. These are my favorite type of masks because it comes in powder form so you can mix it with any liquid you want. This one recommended the orange blossom water, which smells amazing as you can imagine, so that’s what I mixed it with. You could see the excess oil it drew out and my face was really smooth and just fresh after using it. Some other things I like to mix with these kind of masks are rose water, toners, and other facial sprays (you can also just use water).

+ Facial Waters

I tried the Orange Blossom scent but they also have a lavender one that looks nice. Facial sprays like this are so universal and perfect for summertime!

+ EO Blends

They have a few different roller ball blends of oils (something I talk about a lot because I use oils every day). I am loving these blends and it’s a good way to check out some oils if you don’t want to commit to buying oils and mixing/blending them ourself.

+ Scent-Your-Way

They also have an option to get some of these products scent-free which I personally love because I use essential oils a ton and have my “favorite blends” that I can just add to these myself. You just add your own oils and customize the products to your liking! Super cool. I got to try some of their personal favorite blends, a red mandarin/blood orange (which I mentioned above) and bergamot/grapefruit and they were so nice.


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There’s nothing like finding a new clean skincare brand that I love to share with you guys! Overall I love the quality in packaging, product selection, and ingredients and definitely recommend!

Thanks so much for reading today, have a great weekend!

x, T

Don’t be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Proverbs 3:7

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  1. I’ve never heard of this line before, but as someone trying to streamline and “clean up” my beauty routine, it certainly sounds like one I’ll be investigating further. Thanks!

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