My Brow Routine

My Brow Routine

My Brow Routine
Hello! Today I am sharing my brow routine, because to me it’s one of the most asked about/complicated things of beauty. There are so many techniques and products to use on your brows that it can be overwhelming. I have an easy routine that I do everyday that takes about 2 minutes and makes a huge difference. It’s all about finding what works for you based on your brows and deciding what you want to do everyday.


The it Cosmetics brow power pencil is great because it never needs to be sharpened. It also is a universal taupe, so the pressure you apply determines the color you achieve. I press very lightly to get a light blonde/taupe color and it looks very natural. The brand itself always has great ingredients; this product in particular has saw palmetto, nettle extract, green tea, biotin, lecithin, vitamins A, C, E, grapeseed and panthenol.


The e.l.f brow stencils come in a pack of 4 to help you find the right size and shape. If anything you can use these as a guide to start and add from there.


The Anastasia duo highlighter, to me, is such an elegant highlight. I love Anastasia products and packaging. One end of this duo is a matte light pink (Matte Shell) and the other end is a shimmery gold (Lace Shimmer). I use this above and under my brow, on the inner corners of my eyes, and the bridge of my nose. I use both ends, sometimes together and sometimes on their own depending on what I’m feeling.
Here are the links to all the products: it Cosmetics Brow Power,  e.l.f Brow Stencil, & the Anastasia Highlighting Duo Pencil.
If you want to know more on my brow routine let me know in the comments! I’d also love to know your favorite brow products and routines! 
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