My Routine to Get a Flawless Base for Makeup

Hey beauties, happy Monday! Today I am sharing my routine to get a flawless base for makeup. Skincare is something I share all the time because it’s way more important than the makeup you put on your face and it should always be your first priority. Your makeup will never look amazing if you aren’t taking care of your skin properly. So, if you don’t have a skincare routine right now check out my Simple Skincare Routine for Beginners post and then come back here! Here is how I prep my skin for a flawless makeup application.

My Routine to Get a Flawless Base for Makeup

My Routine to Get a Flawless Base for Makeup


I love using a microdermabrasion scrub (my favorite ones will be in the shop section below) You just have to use something to rid your skin of all the dead skin cells and debris. Instead of using a scrub you can also use a sonic brush to deep clean and smooth your skin, my favorite one is the Clarisonic Mia, I’ll link it below.

Prep Lips

I just got a lip scrub brush by Real Techniques that I’m excited to try but you can use any lip scrub to just polish and smooth away dead skin. This is SO important and it’s one of the things I always forget.


I love using the Fresh Black Tea essence as of late. It has minimized my pores and smoothed my skin, it’s seriously amazing. Toners are made to tighten and brighten your skin though, so use any of your favorites. You can just splash some on your skin or apply with a cotton round.


I love to use an illuminating serum for this routine, it brightens my skin instantly and will also help over time as well.


The last step is to hydrate and this one is super important. If your skin is dry your foundation and concealer are not going to look bueno. Oily skin needs to moisturize as well to make sure your skin doesn’t go into oil production overdrive, just try an oil-free or oil control one. Don’t forget your eyes in this step, my favorite eye cream is the Bobbi Brown one, I’ll link it below.

Lastly, this isn’t something I do every day, it’s just when I have a special occasion and I want my makeup to look the very best. Let me know what your skin prep looks like!


Check out all of my current routines and products right here.

Thanks so much for reading! You are loved!

x, T

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  1. You’re skin looks amazing!! I hardly ever exfoliate– maybe like once a month, I need to take a page from your book and do it more often!! Great descriptions of everything too!

    xo, Sarah

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