My Waxing & Shaving Routine | PFB Vanish Review

My Waxing & Shaving Routine | PFB Vanish Review

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. I’m sharing something today that I haven’t covered on B&B before and I don’t know why! I don’t know about you but shaving and waxing are huge parts of my weekly routines. I just recently started waxing more and have been loving the results. The hair just grows back so much softer and there’s less of it, so why not right? With any type of hair removal, you’re bound to get ingrown hairs and razor bumps from time to time so I also have some tips and products to help with that too!


So, before I begin the hair removal process I exfoliate either with a loofah or an oil-free exfoliator. Make sure the area is clean and free of lotions or oils then get to waxing! I like to use the strips that are pre-waxed because you just warm them up in your hands or lightly with a blow dryer and you’re good to go. I also like using hard wax which is a little more complicated and messy but does work a little better. I wax in small sections to minimize pain, and always apply the strip in the direction of hair growth and rip off in the opposite.

Post Waxing

Alright now for the game changer. After I’m done waxing I apply PFB Vanish, a roll-on cooling serum/gel. I like the applicator because you don’t have to use your hands to put it on or rub it in. It’s safe for all areas so you can use it on your bikini area too. It seriously soothes my skin and also prevents bump/ingrown hairs. It even gets rid of ingrown hairs that you already might have, amazing right?! I love when I find a product that is easy to use and just simply, works. I apply PFB Vanish mainly to my underarms, bikini area, and bottom half of my legs (for some reason that’s the only area on my legs that ever have issues). I will not ever shave or wax without it again, it’s seriously amazing! After applying the serum it dries super fast, I get dressed, and that’s it!


You can shop PFB Vanish here, they also have one with skin lighteners if you have areas that are prone to dark spots. Another cool product they have is a Bikini Mask Soothing Cream, which is more of a lotion you apply to your bikini area to soothe and hydrate after hair removal. I like using that one too because it has chamomile flowers and sweet almond oil for that sensitive skin.

Where do you have problems with razor bumps or ingrown hairs? Do you wax or shave? I’d love if you shared your favorite products and routines in the comments below.

Have a great day!

Xx, T

Thank you to PFB Vanish for collaborating with me on this post.

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