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National Nutrition Month with Babbleboxx

Thanks to Babbleboxx for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own.

National Nutrition Month with Babbleboxx

Health is wealth guys, throughout this post I’m sharing some tips and products to make some small healthier changes. My goal is always your wellness.

Gut Health

I talk a lot about gut health because it’s changed my life and it’s super important. There are lots of natural ways we can improve our gut health, like eating foods with probiotics and prebiotics, taking probiotic supplements, etc. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the coolest natural wellness products to me. It can clean your counters, heal your gut, and everything in between. Bragg has been around since 1912, yes you read that right, and they have lots of ACV products. The Apple Cider Vinegar Refreshers are so good, and they have 2 tbsp of ACV for your daily dose! The ginger lemon honey flavor is my favorite. These are super convenient and such a good alternative to other drinks you could be reaching for during the day.

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We try to use plant-based options as much as possible for a lot of reasons. I’ve been a pescatarian for 9 years and we have done a lot of research on whole food and plant-based diets. We arent’ perfect but taking small steps in the right direction is what’s important. Veestro is a brother/sister-founded company that makes vegan meals super convienient. They send fully-prepared plant-based meals straight to your door! How cool right?!

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I feel like healthy eating is like working out for me, I need some motivation in a creative way. Eat This Book: Knowledge to Feed Your Appetite and Inspire Your Next Meal by Stacy Michelson is perfect! Eat This Book is packed with nuggets of knowledge about unique farmers’ market finds, pantry staples, and fascinating global ingredients. Gain a new appreciation for familiar foods, and learn the backstory of some that have always seemed mysterious.  Chapters include: Spices + Condiments; Nuts, Beans, + Grains; Fruits, Veggies, + Herbs; Coffee, Tea, Booze, + Other Beverages; Sweets + Sweeteners. This would make a great gift!

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If my family, everyone except me, could choose just one snack for the rest of their lives it would be beef jerky sticks. My husband, the girls, and Frankie all love them, the only problem is that a lot of them are cheaply made which isn’t good when we’re talking about meat. Chomps uses the highest-quality proteins including grass-fed and finished beef and venison and free-range turkey, and did you know they were paleo, Whole30, and keto-approved? They also don’t add sugar which is big for us, we don’t follow the keto diet but we take a lot of healthier tips from it like reducing hidden sugars. Chomps is also free from GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, added sugar, added nitrates or nitrites, MSG, artificial preservatives or coloring, and artificial sweeteners.

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Thank you so much for reading today, I appreciate you!

x, T

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