Natural Way to Fight Acne | BioClarity Review

Natural Way to Fight Acne | BioClarity Review


Moderate acne is something that I have struggled with since I can remember. I am always looking for something different that’s actually going to work. I have been using BioClarity for a few weeks now and have to say I am impressed.  I love that it’s a natural way to clear up your skin. There’s nothing like the confidence of clear & healthy looking skin. There are two things I love, feeling confident without makeup & makeup looking 1000 times better when I do wear it because of a good skincare routine. Are you ready to find your natural confidence?




I love that the set comes with the three steps: a cleanser, treatment, and restore gel. Step one is a clear gel foaming cleanser, which is my favorite type of cleanser. The cleanser has cucumber which cools, green tea leaf for detoxing, and chamomile to calm the skin. I use a sonic brush about every other day and it works great with that as well. The cleanser doesn’t leave my skin tight and dry like some acne cleansers do.


Step 2, the treatment, is what you use on your breakouts (aka zits/pimples/acne), and just apply a thin layer on those areas. It has 2% salicylic acid, which is the highest level of concentration for safe treatment, and oat kernel extract which soothes your skin and also has antioxidants. Basically how salicylic acid works is that it removes dead skin cells and clears pores, you can read more about that here. Once the treatment gel dries you then apply step 3.


The last step, the restore gel, is a green gel-like moisturizer. You apply about 1-2 pumps all over your face (I use one pump). The restore gel is green because it’s made with Floralux, & naturally derived from chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). Floralux has so many benefits, it soothes skin, reduces redness, kills the acne bacteria, AND minimizes pores (my favorite part). Step 3 also has licorice root, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and reduces redness & swelling. I found this info here.

What I love about these products is that they have so many ingredients to solve skin problems when you are fighting acne. When you have acne, you need something to fight it but also a product that will soothe, heal, and restore your skin!


How is BioClarity Different?

Naturally Different: It literally is different from ANY other acne treatment I’ve ever used or seen. They don’t use harsh chemicals, they DO use natural calming and cleansing extracts from Green Tea, Chamomile, and Oat Kernel. Plus the cool, green, naturally-derived benefits of Floralux!

Effective: combining acne fighting ingredients with natural ingredients.

Soothing: BioClarity is clinically proven to soothe skin and alleviate redness all while fighting acne.

Confidence: Seriously, what can give you more confidence than having naturally beautiful skin? When I have clear skin I fell a thousand times better. Wearing makeup because it’s fun and not because I need it is an amazing thing.


How I use BioClarity in my everyday routine

I use the 3 steps every day, morning and night. I do have a lot of other skincare brands and routines/regimens that I use so sometimes I just use BioClarity at night. That’s the beauty of skincare, mix it up and play around because it’s all about finding what works for you and what makes your skin the best. Finding your natural confidence is the main goal and most important part of any beauty routine. You are beautiful.

Here is a before and after photo of me. The picture on the right was taken almost 3 weeks after using BioClarity. I wasn’t completely broken out all over my face before, but the flare-ups I did have were gone and healed in about a week. I honestly haven’t had a breakout since using it, and my face feels smooth and looks healthy. I’m impressed.


Natural Way to Fight Acne | BioClarity Review

Here was my unboxing video, just to show you an idea of what you’ll get when you order BioClarity.



You guys, BioClarity has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so with that and HALF OFF your first month’s supply, how can you go wrong?! Use code TOREY to get your first month 50% OFF when you check out, you’ll get free shipping and auto-delivery, but you can cancel at any time. SHOP BioClarity here, and don’t forget to use code TOREY at checkout.

What questions do you have for me about BioClarity? Leave all comments, questions, etc in the comment section or in our contact tab.

You can check out BioClarity on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Pinterest all with handle @BioClarity.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


This post was done in collaboration with BioClarity, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hey, 12 years old been fighting acne since I was 11, I’m in 6th grade. I have acne all over my forehead and it won’t go away I’ve been using pro active, home remedies, nothings worked so far. I losing my confidence in school and when I look at people. I really need help my mom is buying me Bio Clarity and I hope it works. Does Bio Clarity work on 12 year olds, because it says “teens and adults”. I really, really want my acne gone so I’m taking a big risk on Bio Clarity. If it doesn’t work then I’m going to have to continue hiding my face when I look at people using make up I guess and ripping off my pimples. I hope it works thanks. 😀

    1. Hi there! I sure hope it works for you then! The biggest thing is being consistent with it, using it every single morning and every night before bed. Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well because being properly hydrated will help tremendously. Another thing is that picking at the breakouts will only make them worse and cause scarring, so try not to touch your face at all. This post might also help you:

      I am also working on an article about skincare routines for acne prone skin. I will try to post it here when it’s live.


  2. Hello Bio Clarity,

    I just started using your three step system a few days ago and started breaking out this morning. I am thinking it’s my skin purging out impurities. I am wondering if this is something that can happen when new to using your treatment?

    Thank you,


  3. Hi! Do you normally use a moisturizer after you apply your bioclarity? I used mine for the first time and it left my skin a bit sticky and – not necessarily dry, but – not as moisturized as I usually feel when I use my Aveeno. I have mild acne, not extreme, so I’m just trying to even my skin tone and reduce redness. Would moisturizing after bioclarity be redundant?

  4. Will bioclariry still work if i use the three steps every night? It just makes my skin look greasy and sometimes dry when i use the three steps in the morning.

    1. If it’s making you look greasy I’d suggest using a little less of step 3. But if it’s making your skin dry then I would still use a small amount of step 3 but add a regular facial moisturizer after it. I hope this helps. ☺

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