Nerium Review

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I was lucky enough to sample Nerium for the first time recently from my friend Heather. I had minimal previous knowledge on the product but was seeing a lot of great reviews and crazy awesome before-and-after photos on social media. I got the bottles in the mail and sampled Nerium for 5 nights.
Nerium Review


I did a little research before starting just to get to know the product I was sampling. Nerium was discovered by researching the use of the nerium oleander plant, I like that this comes from a plant! Nerium is used to treat wrinkles, discoloration, and texture of the skin. I would say the texture of my skin is what I saw most improvement in. My face is more smooth and soft, it feels and looks healthier, and my pores are smaller!


The bottles themselves are really pretty and look nice just sitting out, not something you want to hide in the closet. There are two creams, a day and night cream. It says to use 4-5 pumps of the product but I only used 1-2, more than that seemed excessive. The day cream is like a really nice moisterizer that doesn’t leave a weird greasy or sticky feeling, and I love it. The night cream is more of a gel/cream and goes on your damp skin with damp fingers. I actually love the night cream, it does have a different smell at first but knowing that it comes from a plant explains that. It goes on and starts to dry sort of a mask-like/tightening feeling and after it dries all the way my skin feels super soft.


I love this product. I love that I am not adding anything to my skincare routine by using Nerium, it’s simply replacing my daily moisterizer and night cream. Seeing any kind of results in only 5 nights is amazing. I like that it’s not just a product for people with wrinkles, or someone with discoloration, this is a product for everyone. I plan to continue using this product!
You can find more information about Nerium from Heather here!
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