New Makeup | Stroke of Beauty +More

New Makeup | Stroke of Beauty +MoreHey guys! It’s FRIYAY! I hope you all had a good week. Go grab yourself a drink, you deserve it! Today I’m sharing a video I just filmed on some new makeup I’ve been wanting to try. If you’ve tried anything and loved it comment below! Stroke of Beauty sent me a bunch of stuff to try so I’m using a few of their products and a new beautiful Givenchy bronzer that I sort of fell in love with.

New Makeup | Stroke of Beauty +More

REN Primer

This is an amazing makeup primer because it has skincare benefits as well. I also talked about it here.

No 7 BB Cream

I have a shade too dark but this is a good lightweight tinted moisturizer. It’s pretty dewy though, so not the best for oily skin.

Milk Concealer

I’ve been loving this concealer because it does move with your skin (like it claims) and it provides really good coverage.

Givenchy Bronzer

I love this natural glow! It’s perfect for my skin tone and blends really well.

Burberry Highlighter

Isn’t this a gorgeous highlighter?! I cant get over how pretty it is in the package and on the skin. Pure g l o w.

Stroke of Beauty Brow Pencil

So I’m super impressed with Stroke of Beauty! I love how this pencil is shaped. The formula is perfect and easy to work with and the spooly brush on the opposite end is really soft.

IBY Beauty Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve done another eye look with a different IBY palette right here, they are just amazing shadows with a really good soft and blendable formula.

Stroke of Beauty Mascara

The first use with this was a bit messy so I recommend cleaning the brush off a bit before using it. After getting that in order this mascara is so good! It looks great with one coat so that’s a bonus when you’re in a hurry.

Stoke of Beauty Lip Gloss

These are so pigmented! I got cut off in the video which made me sad but this gloss is sooo good!


Thanks for reading today!

Xx, T

Inspiration of the Day

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted. Psalm 34:18


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  1. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this brand before! That Burberry highlighter is a dream :) Wouldn’t mind trying that Milk Concealer either!

  2. Oh how I envy your blemish-free skin ahhaa. It makes your routine so simple and quick! But really, these products all look beautiful on you!

  3. The Burberry beauty products are pretty impressive- I am obsessed with the lip velvet liquid lipstick!

    xo, Kristina

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