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New Year Essentials

Hey, friends! Happy New Year! I had a rough start to 2020 with bronchitis but I am starting to feel better and I can’t wait to get back into a routine with blog posts and sharing with you guys! Today I’m sharing some essentials for starting the new year. If you didn’t see on Instagram I just shared my goals for this year. Here it is:

My goal this year

  • Is to be as educational as possible. Think inside the ingredients and WHY I use and recommend the products I do. I want to dive deeper into things and really incorporate holistic healing. I want to empower moms to make better choices for themselves and their families.
  • Reduce toxins // and all things linked to cancer, respiratory problems, autoimmune disease, reproductive health issues, and endocrine disrupters. Because these health problems are everywhere we turn, we HAVE to do better. You are the gatekeeper of your home.
  • I am also going to do one class a month on topics related to essential oils and wellness. My January class is all about hormones, and February is going to be about essential oils and kids. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you can vote on what classes are going to be next. You can always email me at torey.noora@gmail.com and let me know what you want to learn about.

This year is going to be my favorite year yet for toreynoora.com and I’m so excited. I’m beyond grateful for all of you.

New Year Essentials

Movement Plan

I was going to call this a workout plan but it’s really just about moving. You don’t have to go join a gym, just create a plan to get moving! It could be something like go for a walk 2-3 times a week or it could be joining a gym or a CrossFit community if that’s your thing. Just set small goals and do it. Our bodies are meant to move and be active and so many of us just aren’t moving. Pick something that you aren’t going to hate and be consistent. Look on FB marketplace for workout equipment, I got my treadmill on there for super cheap. People are always selling that stuff.


This is one of the more obvious ones, you need a new planner for the new year! I am obsessed with planning and writing down my plans in a calendar. I can’t do digital-only, I have to write stuff down and make lists. I usually get my planners from TJMaxx or Marshalls but Target always has cute ones too. I’m not too picky when it comes to planners. Share your favorite in the comments!

New Athleisure

You can never have too much athleisure! I’ve been getting the Ellie sub box for a few months now and I love it so much! It’s such a motivator to work out when you get new activewear. The brands that come in the boxes are amazing and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

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Essential Oil Starter Kit

You guys, oils will change our life. I just got through bronchitis naturally, and we’ve used them also for ear infections, fever, colds, allergies, and so much more. Besides sickness, oils support your body in other areas too like emotional support, and cleaning/laundry, etc.

If you are constantly sick, are looking to clean up your home with non-toxic products, or just want to use oils for scent/candle replacement the starter kit is your new BFF. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the desert mist diffuser (that’s the one I have) it’s only $165 and has everything you need to get started. I also make it super easy and send you a welcome package because I love my people!

Get your kit right here.

Good Supplements

I have been really into supplements the last year and it’s because they literally make SUCH a huge difference. Basically, we aren’t eating perfectly these days and even if we were, the earth (soil and plants) isn’t the same as what it once was, so we are in need of some supplementation. I have a video right here on my current supplement routine. Here are some staples in my routine:

  • SEABUCKTHORN OIL // I use Seabuck Wonders both berry and seed oil plus their Omega-7 complete. It has made my hair so shiny and I feel better overall. Seabuckthorn oil helps with digestive, cell support, and so much more.
  • GEM // this is a super cool real food multivitamin, they come in 3 flavors, shop right here.
  • PROBIOTICS // Hyperbiotics is the brand I’ve used for years, shop right here.


Cheers to the new year.❤️

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