New Year New Mom Essentials

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New Year New Mom Essentials New Year New Mom Essentials New Year New Mom Essentials

New Year New Mom Essentials

New Year New Mom Essentials

Nationwide Insurance

So most of you probably don’t know this but before I started blogging full time I was in life insurance sales. To make a long story short, I am a big believer in life insurance and it hit me when my first daughter was born. Before Emery & Zara and before my knowledge of insurance, I didn’t know much about nor did I think I needed it. I’m young and healthy why would I need a life insurance policy?! Well to make a sensitive topic as simple as possible, it’s mostly a huge peace of mind. If something were to happen to my husband, myself and my daughters would be well taken care of, and that makes us feel really good. The same goes for me, if I were to die, my husband and girls would be able to take the time they need to grieve. I actually hate talking about it, but it’s something that needs to (at least) be discussed and you’ll be really surprised at how affordable insurance can actually be. There is a ton of information and tools to help you learn more on Nationwide’s website. You can click here for a quote. Pro Tip** insurance goes up the older you get so now is the time to lock in your low rates. Okay, enough of my insurance spiel, but ask me anything if you have any questions! I have a [random] wealth of knowledge in the department, lol. They are super helpful at Nationwide too, and they’ll help you find a policy that is best for you and your family.

New Year New Mom Essentials Vichy

Vichy is the #1 anti-aging brand in European countries and for good reason, their stuff is so nice. I have both the Aqualia Thermal Gel Moisturizer and the Aqualia Thermal Night Cream. The water gel is one of my favorite type of day time moisturizers, lightweight but very hydrating. It’s made with 97% natural-origin ingredients and has hyaluronic acid one of my skincare faves because I love the way it smoothes fine lines and plumps your skin. The night spa is a sleep mask and if you know me you know I loveee sleep masks. They just do such a great job of totally renewing your skin overnight. Mom’s need self care too, and skincare should be a main part of it. Take care of your skin, mama!

Shop: Aqualia Thermal Gel Cream: gel moisturizer or Aqualia Thermal Night Cream: night cream Use code Babble19 for 15% off +free shipping until 02/28/19

New Year New Mom EssentialsBamboobies

I shared Bamboobies awhile back and I had to include it in this post too. Nipple balm and nursing covers are essentials for breastfeeding moms. I love this nursing cover because it’s not like any I’ve ever seen, it’s a shawl! It’s made of really soft rayon from bamboo, it’s breathable and comfy. It’s also great for baby-wearing outside in case your carrier doesn’t have a cover/shield for the sun, wind, etc. The boob-ease organic nipple balm is lanolin-free and works really good. You can also use it as a multipurpose balm for other areas like dry lips, elbows, etc.

Shop: Open Nursing Shawl and boob-ease USDA Organic Nipple Balm (save 10% when you choose the 2-pack and click the coupon, offer expires 2/6/19 or while supplies last, 1 coupon per customer)

New Year New Mom Essentials Playtex

Nursing bras were something I didn’t think I needed the first time around breastfeeding and I have no clue why because they are definitely necessary! I love these because they’re super comfy and so easy to use (especially in public when you’re trying to be discreet). The pink one is the Playtex Nursing Pretty Shaping Foam Wirefree Bra and I love the color, nursing bras can be cute too! The gray and white ones are the Playtex Nursing Sleep Bras and are equally necessary as regular nursing bras. They’re super comfy and easy to flip down when you’re half asleep. They have slots for nursing pads if you get extra leaky too.

Shop: click here to shop Playtex nursing bras.

New Year New Mom EssentialsSprout Pouches

When Emery was ready for “real food” I was determined to make all of her food, etc. That lasted about a week. It was just impossible and so much work, so I decided to make some and buy some. With that being said I wanted to make sure the food I was buying was the best, meaning no added ingredients that she didn’t need and for the most part organic. Sprout Stage 2 Pouches are plant-powered, so they’re made of plant-powered protein, they’re organic, and they don’t have added sugars or anything artificial. Not to mention it’s SO EASY to pop the cap off of a pouch rather than blending up a plethora of things and making a huge mess. They’re also launching some new teething wafers which I’m really excited about because Emery loved those and Zara will be ready for some in just a couple of months!

Shop: Strawberry Apple Beet Red Bean and Apricot Banana Chickpea Fig

I hope you found some tips and helpful products here for new mom life! Let me know if you have any questions or things you think I should add to the list! Thanks for reading!

x, T


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