Olay Whip | Full Review

Olay Whip | Full ReviewOlay Whip | Full Review Olay Whip | Full Review Olay Whip | Full Review Olay Whip | Full Review Olay Whip | Full Review

Hey, guys! By now, you are probably familiar with my holy grail moisturizer, Olay Whip. I first shared it a few weeks ago over on Instagram and have posted a few times since then. It’s quickly become one of my favorite skincare products and I recommend it to e v e r y one. Today, I’m sharing my full review and all of my thoughts.

Olay Whip | Full Review


Olay has nailed this moisturizer’s formula. Whip has the most amazing texture I’ve ever used, it’s a light, whipped, mousse-like texture. It leaves my skin incredibly smooth and silky while absorbing fast, you can actually feel it melting into your skin. And it smells light and clean which is a nice bonus.


I use Whip in the morning after I wash my face and at night after I use my serums. I love how it wears under makeup, it actually has a texture similar to a makeup primer so my skin is smoothed and primed/ready to go and it leaves a hydrated matte finish.

I also use it on my hands because I get extremely dry hands in the winter and not all lotions do the job. My husband likes using Whip, too! It’s super hydrating without being greasy.


So, the fun part of the launch of Whip was that I didn’t know the brand right away –  it was kept a secret. I was really excited to learn the brand was Olay for two reasons: 1. I don’t know about you, but I remember Olay since I was a little girl when my grandma used it. It’s definitely a brand I’ve used and trusted for years! 2. Olay is an affordable brand you can get at any drugstore.

I also love that Whip comes in three different versions, Total Effects, Luminous, and Regenerist. So no matter your age or skin type, there is a Whip for you. They also come with SPF or without. Right now, I have the Total Effects and I can’t wait to get the Luminous Whip with SPF.

Here is the video I filmed of my first impression of Whip when I didn’t yet know the brand.

What is your holy grail moisturizer? Have you tried Whip yet?  SHOP HERE or click on the images below.

Thanks for reading today!

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Thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post. All opinions and text are my own.

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  1. Great post about Olay’s Whip. I, too, have the Whip and I love it! The video demonstration was the icing on the cake because I’m such a visual person and you gave honest thoughts about the product.

  2. I’ve been using Olay Regenerist Whip for two days. I use it am and pm after I cleanse my face. This moisturizer is starting to leave a film that flakes off like dandruff. I thought it was dry skin at first. I exfoliate my face and it still left a dandruff like film. I don’t know what’s going on.

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