Our Summer Sun Routine

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Our Summer Sun RoutineOur Summer Sun Routine Our Summer Sun Routine Our Summer Sun Routine

Hey, guys! I hope the weather is getting nicer wherever you are! It’s starting to turn into summer here and that means protecting our precious skin from the sun. As much as I love the sun I love protecting myself and my family from it too. We have the same routine whether it’s just to go outside for a walk, to plant some flowers, or to go to the beach/lake because we do at least one of those every single day. It’s so important to get outside not only to get exercise but to get some Vitamin D. Today I’m sharing our routine and how we get ready for some summer sun, Our Summer Sun Routine!

Our Summer Sun Routine


The first thing I do I slather on the sunscreen all over the skin wherever clothing is not covering. I do this first so it has time to soak in while we’re getting everything else on and ready. We’ve been using Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen and I’ve been loving it. It was originally created in Australia where sunscreen standards are the strictest in the world so I trust the brand. I also like that the bottle changes color when it’s exposed to UV rays to let us know to put it on or remind us to reapply. We use the Baby Blue Lizard® bottle because it’s safe for my daughter but they also have a Sport, Face, and Sensitive formula. Both the Baby and the Sensitive varieties are paraben-free, chemical-free and fragrance-free which is important to me. I never use SPF less than 30 so I love that all of the Blue Lizard® sunscreens are UVA/UVB 30+. The last thing I’ll say about it is that it doesn’t have a strong sunscreen smell which if you know me is also super important, I’m a huge scent person.


We always wear hats no matter how sunny it is outside, my head gets sunburned so easily and that is no bueno.


Although Emery doesn’t keep her sunglasses on very long we always start out with them on. My eyes are also super sensitive to the sun. You want to wear sunglasses obviously to protect your eyes from the UV rays but also so you aren’t always squinting and creating wrinkles!


H2o is always a must for us. I have a daily water goal every day and I increase it if I know I’m going to be in the sun. It’s so important to stay hydrated and especially when your outside in the heat. So after all of that is done and we’re protected we love going for walks, we have a paved little path around our neighborhood which I take full advantage of. We also love planting flowers and watering them! We practically live outside when the weather permits it, what’s your favorite thing to do when it’s nice out?

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I get our sunscreen at Walmart, you can shop for Blue Lizard® here! Also, make sure you take advantage of the Ibotta offer right here, you’ll earn $4 when you sign up and purchase the 5oz bottle!

Parents should consult with their pediatrician before using any sunscreen on a child younger than 6 months. For children older than 6 months, we recommend our Blue Lizard® Baby or Sensitive products to minimize the risk of skin sensitivity.

Thanks so much for reading today!

Xx, T

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