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Have you heard of Sea Buckthorn oil? It has tons of omega and antioxidant benefits for skin, hair, +more. Read alllll about it on today!

What’s everyone doing this long holiday weekend?

Happy Friyay!

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  • 16,000 Lives Saved!

Have you heard of Love Justice? They’re a non-profit working to end human trafficking as well as providing homes and school for children. As a mom this is definitely something I am more aware of and sensitive to than I used to be. Today, I’m partnering with them to spread the word of their program called Project Beautiful.

To date, @LoveJusticeIntl has intercepted over 16,000 lives and prevented them from being entered into human trafficking. 16,000 LIVES!

There are still over 40 million people living in slavery around the world. So this month, the month of May, they’re sending out a Mayday.

Go to to join the fight against human trafficking, and to help them with their goal of saving 1000 more lives from being trafficked this year.

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  • #ad You spend a lot of time in your bed so why not have the very best!? When we started making the switch to "clean" products we started with the things we use the most like laundry soap, bedding, hand soaps, cleaning products, etc.

What is organic cotton? Should you make the switch to organic cotton sheets? Find out today on

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Now until May 31 when you purchase a premium starter kit you will also get a bottle of Thieves cleaner + a glass spray bottle!

The Thieves cleaner was the first thing I ordered separately from my starter kit and we used it to replace every single cleaner in our house. I use it for: + all purpose cleaner
+ glass cleaner
+ floor cleaner
+ countertop cleaner
+ toilet bowl cleaner
+ stovetop degreaser
+ stain stick
+ more

Thieves smells amazing and it works just as good/better than all the other cleaners I’ve used (side note I’m a clean freak/professional cleaner, it’s seriously the best) AND it’s chemical/toxin free so you don’t have to worry about spraying chemicals all over our counters, floors, etc, ESP important with kids and pets running around.

BONUS: I will also send you $25 back if you order a kit!

So, for $140 you get:
+ all the oils your heart could desire to start your oily journey
+ thieves sample pack (makes 2 spray bottles of cleaner)
+ 2 Ningxia sample packs
+ 2 fitment rollers so you can instantly make an oil a “roller bottle” oil
+ Thieves hand purifier
+ a diffuser of your choice
+ 14.4 oz bottle of Thieves cleaner concentrate (makes up to 20 spray bottles of cleaner, and will last you FOREVER)
+ glass spray bottle to make your first cleaning spray
+ me to help you with anything/questions you have
+ our team and facebook groups with TONS of resources/info

The link to get your kit is in my bio or you can go to


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