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EEEEEEE! I’m so excited to share this post with you! I got my first Pop Dental sonic toothbrush about a year ago at Ulta and I have been in love ever since. This is one of the items in my beauty routine that I don’t ever plan on changing so don’t ever go anywhere Pop Dental! The brush I’ve had for about a year now is the hot pink ProSonic, you can find it here.
Pop Dental
  • The cuuuuute color and it has a cap for clean storage and travel
  • It’s super lightweight
  • It’s rechargeable and I only have to charge it about once a month
  • My dentist visits are great
  • It has a timer of 2 minutes, and lets you know to change sections (quadrants) of your mouth every 30 seconds
  • The brush head is small and soft so it’s easy to get in all areas
  • It has 2 speed settings so you can get used to the vibrations
I am also suuuper excited to share pics and deets of my newest to my collection, the GoSonic aka the travel size brush. HOW cute are those black and white polka dots?! This one is different in that it is AAA battery powered so not rechargeable, and it’s a bit smaller. I am so excited about this one and I’m probably going to have to order another one for my husband and one for each purse! đŸ™‚ You can shop the travel brushes here.
So the last thing to talk about is the brush heads and where and when to replace them. Pop Dental recommends changing your brush head every 3 months and you can find the replacement heads here. The replacement heads are only $14.99 for a set of two which lasts 6 months, meaning you’re only spending $2.50 a month!
Are you using a sonic toothbrush? What do you love about it? I’d love if you shared in the comments!
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Have a great day!

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