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Pregnancy Essentials | 1st Trimester

Hello, friends! I’m so excited to start this series with you guys. I am pregnant with baby number 2 so I have some tried and true tips for all of you pregnant ladies, or soon to be expecting. I’m going to do this series all the way through the third trimester and then postnatal tips as well. Today I’ll share things I did to prepare for being pregnant as well as things that helped a lot during the first few weeks.

Pregnancy Essentials | 1st Trimester

Things to do when you’re planning to get pregnant

I might turn this into an entire post in itself, but for now, here are some tips.

  • start taking prenatal vitamins & probiotics
  • start your journey of drinking enough water now (my goal everyday is a whole pitcher, I think it’s 2 quarts and I like adding strawberries and lemons to mine)
  • be active, I’m not saying get in the shape of your life but start becoming more active, baby steps are okay!
  • start eating healthy – you can even try cutting out things you can’t have while pregnant so you get in the hang of what you can and can’t have (e.g. no alcohol, not too much fish with high mercury, no raw fish, etc)

Things You’ll Need in the First Trimester

  • start using baby bump oils now, it’s never too early – my favorite is the Kopari coconut melt, I will do a post soon all about the oils and moisturizers I’ve been using
  • other moisturizers – my skin has been so dry lately so stock up on your favorite ones
  • safe antiacids, tums baby bump box ones
  • peppermint & ginger tea
  • cozy blanket & comfy pants
  • journal – I love going back and reading my notes from when I was pregnant with Emery
  • snacks

I hope this helps! You can click on any of the products above to shop.


Comment below if you’re pregnant and let me know when you’re due!

X, T

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