Robotic Vacuum, Worth the Splurge?

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Robotic Vacuum, Worth the Splurge?

Hey, friends! Today is a very adulting type of post because I’m sharing my new favorite cleaning tool, our Ecovacs robotic vacuum. I am an enneagram 1/perfectionist/clean freak for reference.

This is the first robotic vacuum I’ve ever used so I don’t have any others to compare it to but I do have a long list of things I absolutely love about this thing. Oh, and btw we named our robot Roxy so if I refer to her like that, now you know. 😉

First, let’s get technical. We have the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950

Suction // I have a Dyson so I am used to high-quality suction. This robot is amazing and it has 3 different levels of suction, standard, max, and max+. I have had no issues with suction/not picking up everything from the floor. It is very high-quality. I have “rustic” hardwood flooring (I’ll elaborate on that below) so we have cracks and some unevenness and the vacuum works so well at getting in between cracks and cleaning every inch of the floor, I’m very impressed with that.

Transitions // Roxy transitions from hard floor to carpet like a pro, no issues with this at all. It’s also super thin so it moves under couches, beds, etc without any problems.

Battery // It cleans my whole house on one battery life. Our house is fairly small (2000 sq feet approx) but I am shocked that it cleans all floors without stopping, the battery lasts for 3 hours.

Multilevel Mapping // We have 2 floors (upstairs and downstairs) so I was concerned as to how that was going to work. It’s as easy as pie, the Ecovacs app saves both of our floors and Roxy knows what floor she’s on. Now if I could just train her to climb up and down the stairs and make us dinner, haha.

Mopping // This might be my only “negative” and it really isn’t’ a huge one. So our floors are real hardwood, therefore, all of the boards aren’t even/level/etc. When mopping the pad doesn’t move (or like tilt) with the uneven boards so it doesn’t touch 100% of the floor on the whole route (I hope this makes sense and most people probably have even flooring so this won’t be an issue). The good thing is that the floor that I’m referring to isn’t too large of an area so I just run the mopping session twice and it covers well after the second round. The main takeaway from this ** I still don’t have to mop my floors manually so Mama’s happy. ** The mopping mode also has a quiet mode so that is nice.

Notifications // In the Ecovacs app, you get messages from your vacuum letting you know exactly what’s going on, things to do, maintenance, reminders, etc.

More Me-Time

As a Mom, me-time is hard to come by these days so I will take anything I can get to help with giving me more rest. I have had so much more time do relax or spend more time with the girls. Not only because the Deebot vacuums as well as I would, but because it does it without issues. I push a button and that is literally it. It couldn’t be easier and I’m so thankful for clean floors all the time.


You can learn more and shop the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950 right here.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS has been working hard for over 20 years to create products that help us live smart and enjoy life.

Thanks for reading Robotic Vacuum, Worth the Splurge? today! What would have more time for if you had a robotic vacuum?

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X, T

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try a device like this in my home, so it’s good to read through your review on this one, specifically. I’m excited to hopefully get something like this for my husband and myself in the future.

  2. LOL well I’m not used to sharing a name with a robot but I guess it was only a matter of time! This sounds amazing, I especially love that it gets between those cracks and pips of natural wood flooring!!

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