September’s Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

September’s Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

As the leaves begin to change, and a crisp breeze fills the air, it’s time to welcome the scents of fall into your home. September’s Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is here to help you do just that! Packed with four delightful essential oils, including Pine, Ho Wood, Bergamot, and the unique Autumn Air blend, this box is your ticket to creating a cozy and aromatic autumn ambiance. Plus, there’s an exclusive offer waiting for you at the end of this post, so keep reading!

Pine Essential Oil: Embrace the Forest Vibes

Our first contender, Pine essential oil, captures the essence of an evergreen forest. Its fresh and invigorating scent will transport you to the heart of the woods, making it perfect for those who adore the great outdoors. Pine oil is known for its potential respiratory benefits, making it an ideal companion as we transition into the colder months. Breathe in deeply and feel revitalized!

Ho Wood Essential Oil: A Gentle Woody Wonder

Ho Wood essential oil, also known as Ravintsara, is often considered a calming and soothing oil. Its sweet and woody aroma brings comfort and tranquility, making it an excellent choice for relaxation and stress relief. Use it to create a peaceful atmosphere at home, or add it to your skincare routine for a touch of luxury.

Bergamot Essential Oil: The Sunshine in a Bottle

Bergamot essential oil is like a burst of sunshine on a crisp autumn day. Its citrusy and sweet aroma is uplifting and refreshing, helping to improve mood and reduce stress. Bergamot also has a unique ability to promote hormonal balance indirectly by reducing stress levels. It’s a versatile oil you’ll want in your collection year-round.

Autumn Air Blend: Nature’s Perfume

The Autumn Air blend is the star of this box, and for a good reason. A blend of Cassia, Lemon, Orange, Balsam Fir, and Ho Wood, this blend embodies the very essence of fall. Cassia and Balsam Fir provide warm and comforting notes, while Lemon and Orange add a zesty and uplifting twist. Ho Wood rounds out the blend with its gentle woody aroma. Diffuse this blend to instantly fill your home with the cozy scents of autumn.

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