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First, What people are saying

“I just tried them last night. I thought I liked what I’ve been using (this really cheap set of 5 that I found at T.J. Maxx), but yours is sooo much better. I had to be kind of careful not to leave sponge marks on my face with the other one because it would kind of pick the product back up and then deposit it. It took me a quarter of the time with yours and it doesn’t pick up product off my face before depositing it. So quick and seamless! You did such a fantastic job. I like it way better than the Real Techniques one Too. I’ve never tried a real Beauty Blender because we just don’t have 20 bucks for a sponge but I really feel I’ll never need to after using yours. I wish that I hadn’t ripped into them and got them messy so fast so I could post them on my IG that I to use to let people know about products I love and about subscriptions. Anyway, you have a great product and I’ll recommend it to whoever I can 🙂 oh and I love the black color. thanks again!” -Stephanie

“I had purchased these for my wife and 3 daughters for Christmas stocking stuffers. They all loved them and said they were the perfect size.” -Darian

“Very happy with this purchase. The two sizes make them so versatile. Exceeded expectations.” -Diane

“My friend showed me these on Instagram. They really are the perfect combo! Love how easy they are to clean too. Great product!” -Amazon Customer

“Never used a sponge for my makeup before. Love them!” -Glynda

“Love these sponges! Their shape and size difference make it easy to blend, and I feel this is a great deal for the price. I would definitely recommend!” -Sammie


I launched my first product on Amazon in 2017 and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts about B&B. In formulating my sponges I wanted a simple and easy to use makeup blending set. In the package, you get a regular size sponge and a mini for getting around your eyes and nose (I also like blending liquid highlighters with it).

why did I decide to sell makeup sponges?

I have always loved the finish you get with a sponge, it’s flawless and natural with being so easy to use. You can use the sponges over and over and with a little care, they will last you a long time. Like any makeup tool, there’s a correct way to use them to get the best result and that’s why I’m here! I filmed a video on how to use and wash the sponges so make sure you watch that below.


I chose the black color because it looks sleek and doesn’t stain, especially if you’re using darker shades of makeup.


I had used so many cheap and expensive sponges that crumble and rip after using them only a few times and it was so frustrating. With my sponges, you aren’t going to get that. In fact, I haven’t seen a rip yet and I’ve been using them for months.


Squeeze your sponge under running water for about 10 seconds. Then squeeze the sponge in a clean towel to remove excess water. Now your sponge is prepped to use! Apply the product to the sponge or directly to your face and then bounce the sponge all over to blend your makeup (I demonstrate in the video below).

how to clean

Gently squeeze the sponge under water for about 10 seconds to let it absorb water. Add some soap and suds it up, then rinse until the water runs clear. Squeeze out all excess water then let air dry. I like using gentle bar soaps but you can also use any gentle soap like baby shampoo. I recommend washing the sponges before your first use and then about every 2-4 uses after that.

Video Tutorial



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I also wrote a post with some more tricks and tips right here if you want even more info.

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