Should Kids Take Probiotics?

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Hi, friends! I am here for probiotics and have been for years. I seriously can’t live without Hyperbiotics and our whole family takes them. Today I’m talking about kids and probiotics.

Should Kids Take Probiotics?

My short answer:

Yes, yes and more yes.

My long answer:


We all have a microbiome, even kids, this is our body’s ecosystem. Our microbial cells outnumber our human cells 10:1 which is crazy! This is why it’s important to keep our microbiome balanced. Our microbiomes go through some pretty major changes throughout childhood so it’s so important to get a good jump on keeping it healthy. Everything affects a child’s microbiome like the method of delivery, environment, diet, etc and this affects the overall well-being and immune system.

Tips to support your child’s microbiome

  1. breastfeed when you can
  2. when formula feeding, introduce a probiotic to help account for bacteria not present in formula
  3. avoid antibiotics at all cost, and supplement with probiotics when you do have to take them
  4. eat a balanced whole food diet
  5. don’t use antibacterial soap
  6. play outside as much as possible
  7. spend lots of time around friends
  8. drink filtered water
  9. reduce stress as much as possible
  10. go green + nontoxic // I share tons of tips on this all the time
  11. give them Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids formula, some probiotics don’t have the capacity to get all the way down to your gut, Hyperbiotics capsules are made with BIO-tract® technology which means more of the probiotics get to the gut where they need to get to help support you the most.


Do you take probiotics? Did you know there were probiotics for kids too? They even have a formula for pets! I shared the exciting news that we’re getting a puppy! So ya better believe my “pets and probiotics” post is up soon!

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Here’s another post about Hyperbiotics.

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  1. I’ve been trying to get better about taking a probiotic regularly. I don’t have kids and so haven’t looked into the medical side of kids taking them so I won’t comment on that, but thanks for the reminder to be better with mine!

  2. I’m not a mama so I don’t really know what’s the most important for kids – but I do feel like probiotics are necessity for most humans in general. This is great info!

  3. Loving this thorough review of something that I am sure has a lot of yes and no responses, because people really get into it when it involves kids. I like your research and specification of this!

  4. We are a huge believer in probiotics! It definitely helps with my kids gut health and mine! We also take it for immune health and so important to take especially with this virus going around!

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