Simple Makeup Brush Guide

Simple Makeup Brush Guide

Makeup brushes are so popular now that looking at what ones to buy can be really confusing because there is a brush for literally everything. Today I’m sharing a very basic brush guide for those of you just starting out using brushes. Use this guide to make sure you’re using the right brushes. I also want to point out that you don’t have to spend a fortune on brushes, some expensive brushes are trash and some cheap brushes are amazing. I’ll go over some brands that I prefer down below. Okay so let’s get started, I’ll just go through the order of products and the brush that goes with.


I use a flat top brush for liquid foundation. There are lots of different foundation brushes though, like this more rounded one or this more classic flat foundation brush. Beauty blenders also work magic. This is a great tool for getting a sheer coverage and bendability with liquid foundations or BB creams. Always dampen your beauty sponge before using it. Use it in a dabbing motion instead of rubbing.


This is going to resemble the foundation brush as it is doing the same thing on a smaller scale. It’s a small round-tipped tapered brush. I also love a small fluffy brush to blend the concealer.


Use a spooly brush, I’m obsessed with this one.


Large fluffy brushes with soft bristles are best for this. My all time favorite is the All Over Powder brush by it Cosmetics.


You are going to want a fluffy angled brush or a fluffy tapered brush.


This is going to depend on if you’re going for a bronze look or a contoured look. Use a medium fluffy brush to apply bronzer for a bronze glow. Use a dense buffing brush to apply contour. I also love the Becca One Perfecting Brush for blending my bronzer. You can read another post on contouring here.


Fan Brushes are really popular for highlighting, with these you just sweep/dust the product on your face. I prefer a small stipple brush for a light highlight because stipple brushes give a sheer coverage and can be used for multiple products, not just highlighter. I like using it for BB creams as well. There are also small tapered brushes for highlighting as well. I also wrote a post just on highlighting, here.


Lid: A medium tapered round brush, mostly labeled all over shadow brushes. This is going to distribute the color all over the lid evenly. Crease: A more dense and shorter brush than an all over brush. This is because you need to really control where the color goes, just throughout the crease. Blend: Use a small fluffy brush. Most of the time these brushes are less dense on the ends sort of like a stippling brush in order to blend out the color. My favorite it
this set
because it has all the eye brushes you need.


  • I always pick the softest synthetic brushes I can find.
  • Try to find cruelty free/vegan brushes.
  • Wash your brushes at least once a week, your brushes and face will thank you.
  • You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on brushes. I love EcoTools and e.l.f.
  • Buy double ended brushes to save you space and money.


I would LOVE to know what your favorite brushes are! Leave a comment sharing what brushes you love the most & what tutorials you would like to see!



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