Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway!

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway!

Hey, friends! Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today’s category is skincare and I’m talking about skincare extras (or the things that aren’t necessarily needed but are more of a luxury product). All of the products I’m sharing are by Patchology but there are tons of brands that have these types of products (face masks, eye gels/patches, etc). Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for a surprise giveaway!

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway!

I call these products extras because they are not in your typical 3-step skincare routine that I always talk about (cleanser, serum, moisturizer). So let’s dive in.

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway! Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are literally sheets of skincare goodness that you lay/press onto your face and let soak in for 5-20 min. There is a sheet mask for literally every skin concern.

Are they worth the hype? If you have a skin concern that needs a little extra TLC then most definitely. My favorite masks are detoxing, hydrating, and illuminating. I also love masking for the relaxation/self-care aspect. It’s a pampering thing. I use a face mask about once a week.

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway! Eye Gels

These are little gels that are soaked in an eye essence/treatment. You apply for 5 min and they leave your skin super hydrated.

Worth it? I think an eye cream works just as well, so I think this one is a preference thing.

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway! Lip Gels

These are the same as the eye gels, they’re little lip shaped gels that you put on your lips for 5 min to hydrate. I love these especially in the winter when my lips are extremely dry.

Worth it? I don’t think they work any better than a good lip mask or lip balm. So not really worth it to me, it’s a preference thing again.

Skincare Extras, Are They Worth It? +Giveaway! Face Wipes

I call these my lazy girl skincare routine. I love these because you can wash your face anywhere. I especially love these when I’m on vacay and have better things to do besides skincare routines. It’s a super fast way to wash off the day just don’t use them every single day, regular cleansing (especially double cleansing) is important.

Are they worth it? Yes for sure, wipes are super easy and convenient. Like I said above, if you’re in a hurry these are amazing. I just don’t use them every day.


All of these are nice products and work well. I do think overall products like this is a preference and an “if you feel like doing it, great, if not, then you’ll still survive”. If you read my post on Monday about going ‘clean beauty’ here is a follow up to that regarding these products. I researched all of these products and have to say the ingredients are 99% amazing. All of the products do have fragrance though, which is not natural/organic/clean. So for my clean beauty switch, I will most likely find more natural replacements for these products, not because I don’t love them, just for the going clean/natural aspect.


Surprise! I’m giving you a chance to try these goodies for yourself and decide if they’re worth it to you or not! There are lots of ways to enter to win below! US only, good luck! x
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