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Skincare Tips and Products by Age

Thanks to Valentia for collaborating with me on this post. As always all opinions are my own.

Hello, hello! It’s no secret that skincare is my jam and I love talking about it. There is no one size fits all skincare routine and today I’m talking about skincare by age. So whether you’re 22 or 42 there will be some tips and clean skincare products for you to try. I only share the best products and I only share products that I’ve used and love. Valentia is a brand I’ve used for years. They don’t use artificials or synthetics and their stuff is soooo good so a lot of my recommendations are by them! Here we go.

Skincare Tips and Products by Age

20’s Skincare

In your 20’s your focus should be on prevention. Wear SPF every single day, you will thank me when you’re older. Use antioxidants to brighten and fight free radicals that cause aging. If you need something to fight acne first find the cause if you have to treat it use tea tree oil. Use a good exfoliator and don’t use products that will clog your pores aka noncomedogenic products. You can also help balance your skin with a rosewater spray, use it after you cleanse or throughout the day to freshen up.

Here are some goodies your skin will love:

  • cleansing milk
  • vitamin c serum
  • tea tree essential oil
  • rosewater spray
  • jojoba oil
  • hemp seed oil


30’s Skincare

Now is the time to start using stronger products like more potent serums and eye creams. Don’t skip antioxidant-rich products and you should also incorporate hyaluronic acid. Find a great night cream and don’t sleep without it. Don’t forget SPF every single day. Now is a good time to start using a brow and lash serum too. My last tip is to not skip your neck and decolletage when applying your skincare. I am turning 30 in a few weeks and these are all things I do not skip, skincare is super important.

Here are some things you should try:

  • hyaluronic acid serum
  • vitamin c serum
  • vitamin b3 serum
  • lash + brow serum
  • vitamin c cream
  • magnesium oil
  • eye cream


40’s + Skincare

Time to up the oils, find pure clean ones with anti-aging properties. Find a night cream or serum with retinol. Now is the time to add in a neck serum or cream as well. Moisture is key here and as you age so use a hydrating oil cleanser, tightening/firming serum, and heavy moisturizers. Try adding Frankincense to your skincare or make a serum with lavender, Frankincense, and Rosehip oil.

Here are some skin-loving products for you:

  • rosehip oil
  • frankincense
  • lavender
  • prickly pear oil
  • eye cream


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