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Spring Break Vacation Beauty Essentials

Spring Break Vacation Beauty EssentialsSpring Break Vacation Beauty EssentialsSpring Break Vacation Beauty EssentialsHey everyone! This is part 2 of 3 of my spring break series! Vacation is so close and I’m so excited and ready! I started packing days ago because, why not?! I’ve rounded up the essentials you’ll need to go on any vacation anywhere warm. Who else is going somewhere warm next week? We live in Michigan, where it’s winter like half the year so I could not be more ready for hot sand and sunshine.

Spring Break Vacation Beauty Essentials


Obvi shampoo and conditioner are essentials so don’t forget them but also grab some spray with UV protection from all the rays.

Another travel essential is dry shampoo, you will use this a ton because who wants to spend time washing their hair when they can be adventuring?!


Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! I am bringing 3 different face specific SPF moisturizers just in case my pregnancy skin doesn’t like one. I also have a Cerave body lotion and I’ll pick up some spray on SPF’s when we get there so I don’t have to fly with them (the sprays are just easier sometimes with a toddler).

I am bringing my normal skincare items along too, just mostly in travel sized bottles. I have my cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturizers. The original H2o+ Oasis is so necessary, hello cooling gel hydration.


I’ll be bringing my everyday glowy makeup. I’m sharing 2 vacation makeup looks next in part 3 of this series so all of my makeup details will be there.


Stock up on mini sizes of your favorite products whenever you come across them so you always have them for travel.

Use a travel bag a little larger than you think you need, you’ll always need to throw things in last minute.


Thanks for reading! Safe travels!

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