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Spring Favorites 2020 | Quarantine Life

Spring Favorites 2020 | Quarantine Life

Spring Favorites 2020 | Quarantine Life

Hey, hey! Today I’m sharing the things I have been loving and using a lot this spring during quarantine. There’s a mix of wellness, beauty, and more. I’ve been focusing on my wellness routines a lot lately because I’ve had more time to and it’s paying off. I feel so good, and I know it’s because I’ve been consistent with my self-care.



YL vitality drops // these are so easy and so good for you! It definitely helps me drink my water for the day.

Smarter Nutrition Collagen // you guys, this has made such a difference in my skin. It’s healthier and so glowy. I am never skipping collagen again. Make sure you find a good quality one with quality sourced ingredients/no fillers. Also, make sure you’re using marine collagen.


Again sharing True + Lucious because I love their makeup palette, it’s so glowy and beautiful. Watch my video on using it right here.


Who loves CBD as much as I do?! It’s been a game-changer, for reallll. I take this one every day and it helps me most with being more “chill” and focusing/remembering/mental clarity. I highly recommend using a good quality CBD, it’s been amazing.


I have been using 2 rollers nonstop. My allergy roller with lavender + lemon + peppermint, and my overwhelm roller that has lime + patchouli + lavender. Shop oils right here.


We have been loving Ella + Mila, watch our first impression video right here. They’re a 7-free nail polish meaning they don’t use nasty ingredients like formaldehyde.

Thanks for watching my Spring Favorites 2020 | Quarantine Life!

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