Spring Fun For Kids 2021 with Babbleboxx

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Spring Fun For Kids 2021 with Babbleboxx

Spring is coming soon! If we learned anything from last year it’s that we need to LIVE in each moment and not take anything for granted. We have been focusing on time with the girls and cherishing the sweet time with friends and family. With that being said, being at home with the girls all the time can also be a struggle because we constantly have to find new ways to be creative. In this post, I’m sharing some tips and products to have a fun spring!

Family Activities

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) is a nonprofit creating healthier schools and communities that support the physical and emotional health of children. AFHK believes this requires leveling the playing field in underserved communities so all children have the tools, opportunities, and support they need to be healthy in body and mind. AFHK supports kids through grant funding, programmatic support, online resources, and community connectors.

Every Kid Healthy Week​ (April 26-30, 2021) promotes emotional wellness, good nutrition, and physical activity. There are different activities each day and we will definitely be following along! You can register at everykidhealthyweek.org. You can also follow ​Action for Healthy Kids ​on social media to get some fun activity ideas (Instagram: @act4healthykids // Pinterest: @act4healthykids)



Name a kid that doesn’t like bubbles!! Our girls are always asking for bubbles when were out and about and they both love playing with them whether we’re inside or out. Glove-A-Bubbles from ZURU are so fun because they have all kinds of characters that the girls love, and it’s a more hands-on bubble experience (see what I did there). You basically dip the glove, wave your hand, and watch tons of bubbles fly! They have a secret bubble formula and the gloves are recyclable (important to us) through TerraCycle. These are great for every holiday like Easter baskets, or stocking stuffers!

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Surprise Toys

Another, name a “kid that doesn’t like” but this time surprise toys!! My girls love these kinds of toys so much. The excitement of opening it up and finding out what you got is so fun. Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise from ZURU is a surprise plushie that hatches from a bright mystery egg. There are 6 new mini rainbocorns to collect and they all come with a sparkly heart to reveal a hidden surprise. And Mamas, these are so much better than tons of Easter candy!

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We are very conscious of our environment/climate change and taking care of our planet so we try to teach the girls about the topic too. A Child’s Introduction to the Environment Book from Black Dog & Leventhal is a fun and informative guide to our planet. It has current and urgent topics and tips for us to help protect mother earth.  Emery loves it now but she will also keep learning from it as she gets older. It also has a poster that you can take out on tips to conserve energy.

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I usually buy new socks for the girls at every season, and Zara has the fastest growing feet! I can barely keep up. These  ​ExpanTech Kids Socks from No nonsense are super cute (hello colors of the rainbow) and I love the tube socks! The ExpanTech technology makes them super stretchy, lasting over multiple sizes which = saving some money, win win.

Easy Meals

The more time we get to spend outside the less time I want to be inside prepping and cooking meals! We’re always looking for good, healthy, easy food options for the girls. Easy, nutritional, affordable, clean, and delish, not too much to ask for right?! That’s where Freeli comes in, they’re the first company to develop a refrigerated, heat & eat (non-purée) meal in the convenience of a pouch. Here’s a few reasons we approve:

  • high protein meals
  • developed by a nutritionist
  • cooked in small batches to preserve their flavor and texture
  • antibiotic-free chicken and beef
  • real cheese and rBST-free dairy
  • no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • BPA-free pouch
  • heats in 60 seconds

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Thanks so much for reading today! I appreciate you.

x, T

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