Super Easy Brow Guide

Super Easy Brow Guide


I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how to shape and fill in brows.

I used to leave my brows alone because I was too scared to tweeze them the wrong way. Also, I was way too scared to go get them waxed, ouch!

It’s not as hard as it might seem.

Brows do not have to be a daunting topic, they can be quite simple to do actually. I think trends can be intimidating to some people. [ctt template=”7″ link=”6yhRa” via=”no” ]A big bold brow does not look good on everyone, so play around with products and see what you like on you.[/ctt]

There are waxes, gels, pomades, powders, pens, markers, fat pencils, skinny pencils, crayons, etc so go play around with different products to see what you would be comfortable with doing every day. For a simple everyday routine I recommend a skinny pencil preferably automatic (not the ones you have to sharpen).


First, getting the shape established is important so you have a guide. Use the image above to reference the lines below.

  • LINE C: this is where the brow should begin, straight up from the inner corner of your eye
  • LINE B: shows where the brow should start to arch, approximately from the side of your nose up through the outer iris of your eye
  • LINE A: demonstrates where the brow should end, from the side of your nose through the outer corner of your eye


You can use your pencil to create a small mark where these points should be, then fill in by sort of connecting the dots. Create the thickness you want and use short, light strokes to create a natural look. My favorite pencil is this one by Chella. If you do want to create a more dramatic look I recommend using a pomade like this one by Anastasia or a less expensive one like this one by NYX.


Lastly, tweeze everything outside of where you just filled in! If you have larger areas with hair that you want to use a wax strip for these are my absolute fav, they are so cheap and easy to use.


Don’t forget to go back through with a spooky brush (this one is my favorite) to blend in the pencil lines and whhhhhhhaaala! You look gorgois.


What’s your brow routine?



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