Sustainability Tip: 3 Reusable Bags You Need in Your Life

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Sustainability Tip 3 Reusable Bags You Need in Your Life

Sustainability Tip 3 Reusable Bags You Need in Your Life

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✨✨ Sustainability Tip ✨✨

It’s no surprise that plastic bags contribute to lots of pollution in the land fills. Single use plastics sucks and replacing plastic grocery bags is one of the easiest things we can do to help do our part. If one household brought one reusable bag per shopping trip, we’d save over 120 bags per year AND if every household used just one reusable bag per trip, we’d eliminate 1.1 billion plastic bags every year! Stock up on these reusable shopping bags from Creative Green Life. Their box bags that are perfect for grocery shopping, storage, or anything you need to keep organized!


They’re avail on amazon! Here is the link to shop. You need these, trust me.

Here are all the options they have:

Shopping bags

The box bags are great, they also have insulted grocery bags for all of your frozen and cold stuff. Not only are you saving so much plastic waste, they’re also so easy to carry and such a good Aldi shopper bag. They are also amazing because they don’t spill over in your car, and the handles make them so easy to carry inside.

Storage bags

These are great for seasonal clothes and shoes, outgrown baby clothes & they’re laundry mat friendly. They save more space than hard plastic totes + they’re a water resistant material.

Insulated Beach bags

Their cooler bags are perfect for snacks and anything you don’t want to get super hot in the sun at the beach or park. They are large so they fit lots of goodies, they come in a lot of color options and they are at a great price point. A MUST have for all the summer festivities.


Other Ways to Use Reusable Bags

  • picnic lunch
  • file/office storage
  • overnight bags
  • wine storage
  • trick or treating
  • beach bag
  • sports gear storage
  • gym bag
  • kitting and craft storage
  • book bag
  • camping storage
  • shoe storage
  • garden harvest
  • toy organization
  • car organizer
  • game storage
  • pet supplies
  • beach or pool toys

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