Tanning with Water? | Tan-Luxe The Water Review

Tanning with Water? | Tan-Luxe The Water Review

Tanning with Water? | Tan-Luxe The Water Review

Tanning with Water? | Tan-Luxe The Water Review

Tanning with Water? | Tan-Luxe The Water Review

It’s not often that I write a whole review on B&B just for one product, so that says a lot about this one! I’ve been on a self-tanning journey for a few years since I stopped tanning in beds. I’ve found a few really good ones but this one might take the cake. When I first saw the product I thought it was crazy, how can you get tan from w a t e r ? I used it anyways and was pleasantly surprised and now I’m hooked. I actually tried it for the first time over a week ago but wasn’t prepared to do a review with before pictures etc so I had to wait for it to fade completely to start again.


purified water, vitamins B, C and E, Raspberry Seed Oil and natural tanning actives


Before you use any self tanner you want to exfoliate the day before, then right before you tan moisturize your elbows, feet, and knees. Then to apply The Water you just spritz it all over your skin saturating yourself in it. Then blend it lightly with a tanning mitt. Also with every tanning product, wash your hands when you’re done. And that’s it!


I didn’t get any streaks or weird areas except my feet which I cannot seem to tan perfectly to save my life. The tan lasts about a week and fade nicely. I do moisturize my skin twice a day so that helps with the longevity and fading of the tan. It’s a “light glow” tan (I like using 2 coats, the pictures above are just one coat) BUT they do have a darker option, I have the light shade. One coat definitely takes the whiteness away, I just prefer a darker color with 2 coats and can’t wait to try the darker shade.


  • no staining sheets or clothes
  • e a s y and convenient to apply
  • smells light
  • lasts about a week
  • no streaking
  • super hydrating

Below I will link The Water, some other Tan-Luxe products I’m dying to try, some moisturizers to keep your tan looking nice, and a tanning mitt. Have you tried tanning water? I’m starting to see it pop up here and there and I have to say I’m loving the trend. Leave your comments on this below!


A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath. Proverbs 15:1
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  1. I needed this tanner this weekend because I’m wearing a ton of white dresses and my spray tan is rubbing off on them! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    xo, Sara

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