The Best Luxe Vitamin C Skincare

The Best Luxe Vitamin C SkincareThe Best Luxe Vitamin C Skincare
The Best Luxe Vitamin C SkincareThe Best Luxe Vitamin C SkincareHey, friend! I hope you had a fun weekend! It was, wait for it, 70 degrees yesterday so we spent the day outside soaking it up because it isn’t going to be warm at all this week, welcome to Michigan. We have been getting things ready for spring and getting excited to be outside more! With that comes preparing your skin for the change in season and weather too!

As you know, I blog about all things beauty but skincare is definitely my favorite and something that I spend a lot of time/effort/money on because to me, it’s the most important. I get excited when its time for my morning and night routines because it’s my time to pamper and take care of my skin. I love using products with Vitamin C as you know if you read my blog regularly. I love it because it renews your skin, leaves you glowing, and protects you from free radicals.

Vine Vera is a very luxurious skincare company that uses resveratrol in all of its products. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and it comes from the skin of red grapes. Antioxidants do wonders for your skin, like protecting it from free radicals and preventing aging, so these products are going to do your skin some serious good. I was lucky to be able to review the Vitamin C collection.

The Collection

Serum: The texture of this serum is like none other I’ve ever tried. It feels velvety smooth going on, absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin bright and super hydrated. I really want to emphasize how soft it feels, though, it’s super luxe. Moisturizer: The scent of the moisturizer is citrusy which I do love. In fact, most Vitamin C products I’ve used smell like oranges and it’s really refreshing and energizing. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin super smooth and radiant. My skin is a bit picky with using any anti aging moisturizers so I’ll just use this once or twice a week. Peeling: The peel is a cool clear gel-like formula with tiny micro exfoliators that you use once or twice a week for an extra exfoliation and deep cleanse. It smells citrusy but also a bit like alcohol, so it the scent is pretty strong but it leaves my skin super clean feeling and smoothed from the exfoliators. Lip Balm: This also has a citrusy scent and a luxe lip balm texture. It leaves my lips super hydrated and soft, it also has a satin finish so you could wear it over those drying matte lippies that you have. I think it’s important and kind of genius to have a lip balm with anti-aging benefits because our lips age fast and no one thinks of that when it comes to skincare products! Cleanser: The cleanser is a luxe foaming gel cleanser that leaves my skin really clean without being dry. It does have a musk type of scent which I am not a fan of but not everything can smell like roses (that would be my perfect world at least, haha).


You can shop all of the Vitamin C collection here. I recommend it to anyone looking for Vitamin C products to renew and brighten your skin and also to more mature skin looking to do some anti-aging. Also follow Vine Vera on Twitter here!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Xx, T

Thanks to Vine Vera for collaborating with me on this post.

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