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Hey guys! Happy Friday! I love doing these Friday Introductions posts because I’ve been finding so many new “clean” brands. If you didn’t know I made the choice to start choosing my products more wisely and really checking ingredients to make sure they were safe for me and my family. Clean beauty doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone but to me it just means making cleaner choices and eliminating the obvious toxic ingredients. Today’s brand is Golden Star Beauty and they have a range of tanning products I was super excited to try, let’s dive in.

The Best Organic Self Tanner | Golden Star Beauty

About the Brand

  • small batch
  • certified organic
  • no harsh chemicals
  • no artificial colors
  • gluten-free
  • paraben-free
  • cruelty-free
  • made in the USA
  • they have SO many resources to help you apply and achieve the best tan
  • available on Amazon

I got to try the oil, face serum, and lotion. I will share my thoughts and product info on each!

Tanning Oil

This is a spray bottle oil. It sprays out in a stream so it can be a little messy if you aren’t careful. The oil isn’t super oily when you put it on, it’s more of a dry oil. It’s easy to blend in with the latex gloves that comes with it or the mitt if you buy that. I love using mitts to apply tanning products because it gives you a seamless tan without getting on your hands. It dries fast (about 10 min) then you can put your clothes back on and the tan will develop over a few hours. I love the color of this and how easy it is to apply. I would prefer more of a mist spray rather than the stream but it wasn’t bad at all.

Tanning Lotion

This was so unique to me! It’s a white lotion. It rubs in sort of like sunscreen where it takes a minute to absorb and rub in all the way. I just used my hands to apply and washed them after, but you could also use a mitt to apply. The color is amazing after just one use and my favorite part is with these products there is no bronzer or guide color so you don’t ruin clothes or sheets. Also to note: my skin was incredibly soft after using them because of all the oils and hydrating ingredients.

Face Serum

Okay, let’s talk about this serum. It’s anti-aging and has one of my favorite skincare ingredients in it, hyaluronic acid. It feels amazing on the skin and leaves my face super soft. Again, the color is great and fades nicely. I am super impressed with this and love when tanning brands have a specific product for face. This one is also non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog your pores and make you break out, win!

Mitt Kit

I also got the tanning mitt kit. It’s a kit with an exfoliating glove that you use in the shower before you tan, a regular blending mitt, and a mini mitt. The regular mitt is double sided and is more like  a mitten so you’re able to use your thumb (just trust me this makes it way easier) and it also has a protective layer so the products don’t sink through and stain your hands. The kit is only $15 and I definitely recommend getting it.

I forgot to mention with ALL of these products, there is NO fake tan smell. If anything, the scent is like a light almond smell. It’s so good y’all, so so good. I definitely recommend Golden Star and one of the best parts is you can shop right on Amazon! I’ll link all of the products below.


Thanks for reading!

x, T

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