The Perfect Dog Food to Support Wellness and Gut Health | Get Joy

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The Perfect Dog Food to Support Wellness and Gut Health | Get Joy

Y’all I have finally found the perfect solution for Frankie. We have been back and forth between fresh, raw, kibble, grain-free, grain-inclusive, etc. It seemed like every food we tried before was just missing either one of the things we wanted or was just way out of our budget.

Here is a back story on the foods we’ve tried in the last year.

Food 1: Frankie was just bored and didn’t even eat it at first/wasn’t excited for meal time

Food 2: I almost passed out when I found out how much it was after our first  discounted ‘trial’ period

Food 3: all good, but still had kibble and fillers

ENTER Get Joy! First of all, how is that for a perfect dog food name? Get Joy is FRESH FREEZE-DRIED and is the only freeze dried dog food that contains grains, ancient grains to be exact. Our vet always recommended grains in Frankie’s diet and I was always torn on what to do because we wanted a healthier option + grains and just couldn’t find it. SO we are super happy to have found Get Joy.

Get Joy is shelf stable, so there’s no freezer to fridge to bowl, etc. You just add the scoops and then add some water to rehydrate, that’s it! It’s super easy to travel with too since it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

It’s made by vet scientists which I thought was super cool because it’s not as easy as you think to get all the nutrients into food for pups. To be exact, freeze-dried = 97% of nutritional value preserved.

You all know how much we take our wellness seriously over here. I’m always talking about supplements, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. So when we got a dog I knew we wanted to support her wellness and gut health too, and that’s exactly what Get Joy does.

Frankie is just as much a part of our family as the rest of us and I’m sure most of you can say the same about your pups, so we take just as good of care of her as our girls.

If you’ve also been on the same hunt, for a food that’s affordable, nutritious, not full of fillers, supports gut health & supports wellness then check out Get Joy!


Order with my  code toreynoora55 and receive 55% off your first 2 orders + 10% off thereafter when you purchase a subscription.

On their site they have a comparison chart so you can see the protein/fat/fiber compared to some other popular brands, which I found super helpful.

They also have treats, chews, fresh meals, and bundles to fit all of your needs.

Click here to shop Get Joy!

Thanks for reading today!

x, T

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