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The Perfect Pet Stocking Stuffers | Dog Toys, Treats + More

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The Perfect Pet Stocking Stuffers | Dog Toys, Treats + More

Last year was Frankie’s first Christmas with us and I was so excited to find her a matching paw print stocking to hang with the rest of ours. Is it bad that I got her stocking stuffers before anyone elses? I can’t help it, she’s the easiest to buy for.  If it squeaks or tastes good she’s happy. Today I’m sharing some of the things we got for her this year (and one thing for me because she’s a little mess maker). Do you have a stocking for each of your pets?


Stain Remover

Let’s start with something we (all pet owners) need regardless of how well trained or cute your little floofer is. The Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover is new to us and honestly a godsend. It’s a professional strength pro-Bacteria and enzyme formula that breaks down stains and removes them. Frankie (our perfect angel doodle) pooped on the basement floor a couple days in a row because she had an upset stomach and it left us with stains all over our carpet. We used everything we had to clean it but there was still a hint of a stain in about 10 little spots which drove me crazy. This stain remover worked to completely remove the leftover stains and I was honestly mind blown. So after using it downstairs we thought we would try it on an old coffee stain in my daughters room, it completely removed that stain as well. We go as natural as we can with things we use to clean in our home and I am pleasantly surprised with this ingredient list. I will be keeping this on hand for the rest of my life now because kids and pets are little carpet destroyers.

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Next on this list is a good dog shampoo. We take Frankie to the groomer every month but there are always times that she needs a bath or touch up in between appointments. Luckily for us, we’ve been bathing her since she was 8 weeks old so she’s used to the bath and it’s usually a stress-free time. We just got some Natural Care+ shampoos and we love them. The Soothing Oatmeal has aloe vera and oatmeal to soothe (which is good for dry winter skin), baking soda to remove odor, and goat milk to moisturize. The Itch Relief has tea tree and aloe to soothe, salicylic acid to exfoliate, and vitamins a, d, and e. The ingredient lists are pretty short which I appreciate and they leave her hair super soft and clean!

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What kind of dog mom would I be without filling her stocking with toys?! Frankie has always been a toy lover and honestly she’s not very destructive with her toys which I appreciate. She loves squeaky toys and will sprint across the house if she hears anything that resembles a squeak. My husband does NOT like the squeaky toys though so she has to keep them outside or hide them when he’s around (lol). Tell me, are you team squeak toy or not? Anyways, we found the Multipet Dog Toys awhile ago (I think first at TJMaxx) and we love them. They have lots of options and lots of, you guessed it, squeaker toys. This round we got her the Nobbly Wobblya colorful ball that squeaks and bounces really cool. She also got an Eco Safari Animal, a little cat that the girls have taken in as their own and fights with Frankie for. I love this one because it’s made of 100% recycled material, #sustainable!

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Three things that make Frankie happy as a clam: walks, dog park, and treats. We never run out of treats and I love finding clean ones that aren’t going to upset her stomach and made with limited ingredients. Charlee Bear treats are clean, full of good stuff, and honestly look good enough for myself to eat. We have the Grain Free Meaty Bites made with freeze dried raw chicken and blueberries, and the Bearnola Bites made with oats, honey, cranberries and without wheat, corn, soy etc. She loves them and I love that they’re good for her. Win win. Now to teaching her some new cool trixx.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these goodies as much as we have been. It’s such a joy to have a pet and they make the holiday season even better.

peace, love, joy



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