The Wireless Headphones I Use for Working Out

The Wireless Headphones I Use for Working OutThe Wireless Headphones I Use for Working OutThe Wireless Headphones I Use for Working OutHello and Happy Thursday! I am deffo ready for the weekend, it’s been a long week for sure. Today I’m sharing one of my new favorite things about working out because I’ve been trying to stay on top of my workouts. Not going to lie it took me a lot more time after I had my daughter to start working out again than I thought, but I finally have made it a priority. I 100% agree that doing things like buying new workout clothes or equipment is motivating and helps me stay on track. That’s why I was super excited to get the Efitz wireless headphones.

I’ve never tried wireless ones before but have always wanted to. Am I the only one that has caught my arm on my headphones while running on the treadmill and ripped my earbuds out of my ear and shot my phone down the treadmill belt? It’s not pretty. Anyways,  I don’t have to worry about that again with these and they are super easy to use. All you do it charge them, connect via Bluetooth and waaala you’re streaming your jamz into your ear. They also have the little hook that goes over your ear so they don’t fall out and off so they’re perfect for working out. I like that they are sleek and black too, very classy. The sound is really good (which I am very picky about) and they cancel out background noise which my regular phone headphones do not. They have a 10-hour battery life which is impressive, and you can also answer a call with them because they have a built-in microphone. The range is 33 feet, I haven’t’ tested this yet but I thought that would come in handy if you’re doing weights or something where you want to set your phone down somewhere.

The brand that makes these are Specter and they have a range of cool headphones and speakers for everyone. You can check these Efitz headphones here.

Have you tried wireless headphones? What’s your workout routine? AND what are your favorite workout songs or Pandora stations?

Thanks for reading today!

Xx, T

Thanks to Specter for collaborating with me on this post.

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  1. My headphones always get caught when I’m working out, thanks for sharing this pair!!
    xo, Syd

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