Third Trimester Essentials & Pregnancy Update

Hey guys! I’m so excited that I’m finally well into my third trimester! I am SO excited about this baby mostly because I know what an incredible blessing it is to have a baby, and especially a baby girl. Emery is getting excited about baby girl too and checks her heartbeat all the time with her stethoscope (melts my heart). Any moms that are currently pregnant with baby #2? It’s been such a blessing to have a healthy pregnancy but I am getting really anxious and uncomfortably big so we’re ready for it to be over. With just two more months until the baby gets here I am also doing a lot of preparing/nesting so I think I’ll do a post on that soon too, let me know what you think. Oh, and my current cravings are salmon, coconut, and watermelon. Alright here are my essentials for the 3rd trimester.

Third Trimester Essentials & Pregnancy Update

Third Trimester Essentials & Pregnancy Update


I have been taking the Healthy Mama ones and they work really well, you can also just get tums. I’ve had a lot more heartburn in this pregnancy than last.

water bottle

Keep a few nice water bottles around the house. I have been SO thirsty in this trimester, especially in the middle of the night and in the morning.

exercise ball

I use an exercise ball for my desk chair and it’s way more comfortable. It’s great for laboring as well.

knee pillow

I cannot live without sleeping with a pillow between my knees, even when I’m not pregnant. I get hip pain if I don’t use one, if you’re having any lower back pain try it!

maternity pants

Nothing fits anymore, maternity leggings and dresses are my only options these days.


To be honest, most of the day I wear a robe if we’re staying home for the day. It’s just the most comfortable and easy thing to wear. My favorite one is from Pink Blush.

stretch mark oil

I have a few different oils and lotions I’ve been using and they seem to be working! My tip is to find something with vitamin e, I have a belly butter and some lavender oil mixes that I love. I’ll link all of them below.

foam roller

This is another thing I cannot live without. It helps tremendously with sciatica, google/youtube ‘prenatal foam roller sciatic pain’ to see how exactly to roll. It seriously is a life saver.

More Tips

  • go for morning walks – it’s just when I have the most motivation and energy to do it
  • take baths – try some Epsom salt/lavender oil baths
  • if you’re having sciatica pain like me, you should also head to the chiropractor
  • eat balanced and eat small meals more times a day rather than 3 big meals so you don’t get overstuffed and feel bloated/more uncomfortable


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Thanks so much for reading! You are loved!

x, T

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  1. I can’t believe you’re already into your 3rd trimester! These are great tips and I’m def bookmarking this post for when we get pregnant!

    xo, Sara

  2. so many great items! I have so many friends that are pregnant right now & I’m pretty sure these are all on their list too haha!

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